South African Photo Safari

FINALLY Founder Jay Brewer and the Prehistoric Inc. team have returned from their travels to South Africa! While they were there they kept busy visiting much of South Africa including Kruger National Park, Prehistoric Pets distributor Arno Naude, as well as the 2012 SOS² Reptile Expo where they got to see the exciting and growing reptile community of South Africa. We decided to keep today's blog text light and photo heavy, because photos of animals this majestic can do the talking all on their own! Check back in the coming weeks for video and even more photos from their trip !



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Tiny Dancers?


The newest addition to The Reptile Zoo....Red-Eyed Crocodile Skinks!

These adorable, fascinating little creatures look like tiny little dragons!  They are from the island of New Guinea, and prefer very swampy regions...sometimes at pretty high elevations.  They average about 8-10 inches as adults and commonly have the bright red or orange ring around their eyes.  So cool!

They are extremely gentle and will rarely bite.  They might even play dead if frightened and are VERY convincing.  They eat crickets and worms mostly...but the full grown adult will take the occasional pinky mouse.  My favorite part...other than their their head shape.  They have this awesome crested head that looks straight out of a medieval fairy-tale.

In short, these little guys are the coolest things I have seen in awhile.  Just one of the reasons I love my job...the most amazing things come and go here!!


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Ninja Visits!

Hey guys!

This morning when I got to work I felt an eerie silence, and then all of a sudden I saw him!  A ninja!  Right here in The Reptile Zoo!  He was whispering to the tortoises, he was training the venomous snakes, he wrestled a crocodile, hid in the brush, made awesome ninja moves and even fought a dinosaur! 

Sound like something you might wanna see first hand?  Then get on down to The Reptile Zoo! 

Some mornings here are so much fun!  Even for the kids that don't wanna hold the real animals!  We can always find something fun for them to do!  Thanks so much Caidman, for playing with me this morning! 

Enjoy these amazing photos!

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