Candid Camera and a NEW BOA!

Good Evening Party People!

Another busy Saturday completed with a lot of teamwork, energy, and fun! Lots of guests coming in and out....lots of animals out to "play"....and of course, employees hard at work. Here are some action shots, so our viewers can have a "day in the life":

Busy little Bees....

Priscilla, cleaning a cage for a feisty Red Iguana....

Mandy, nervously "taming" a very grumpy Red-tail Boa....

Buck, working on a new enclosure....

Linda, caring for an ill turtle (awwwww)....

Uncle Louie, heading out to the fair! (visit our booth!)

Nick.....umm.....taking a break

So through all the hustle and bustle of a thoroughly busy week, we also got a new addition to The Zoo!!

This is our brand-new, female, Argentine Boa. She is a MASSIVE beauty. They are critically endangered due to habitat loss and degradation, but ongoing efforts include captive reproduction and ultimate reintroduction to surviving environments. The female Argentine Boas are among the heaviest of all boas, reportedly reaching 60 lbs or more. She is definitely a big girl and if we ever get the chance, breeding is high on our list (which would be AWESOME because as a boa, she would give LIVE birth).

She needs a name! So if anyone has a good me at:

We will choose the best one and have a name card made for her cage, with the winner's name as well!

Here she is!

She is just gorgeous. So send those names so she can be official!

ALSO...don't forget to stop by our Prehistoric Pets booth at the OC Fair! Get info, look at awesome critters, and hold a Burm! See you there!!

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Jay's Lucky Shirt!

Jay Brewer is our fearless leader here and he wears very many different hats from Prehistoric Pets, The Reptile Zoo, Jurassic Parties, the fair, the shop, breeding projects, dad, mentor, teacher, land lord etc… all of everything he takes care of and we are glad he does!  He gets so busy sometimes that he even leaves his shirt at work!!!!!  Most recently he left his lucky shirt!  The one he always wears when the one of a kind snakes are hatched and the one he wears when the biggest clutches are laid.   So, we, all of Jay’s most trusted and loving employees decided we would all try on Jay’s lucky shirt and see how it works for us!  Hoping that some of Jay’s Amazing luck and good fortune would rub off on us!


So here we go…. Our entire staff almost, representing Jay Brewer to the best of our ability!  Thanks Jay for all you do!  I can’t even imagine how much you deal with in the course of a day but we are glad we benefit from all your hard work and dedication!  And one day maybe when we all grow up we can be just like you! It was really hard to get all these pictures because we had to hide the photo sessions from Jay, because he is almost always here!!!!!  If you look through all the pics and scroll down to the bottom you can see the pic of Jay I snapped the other day while he was editing video for the new webisodes and for the new media room he just put together!


We love you Jay!  Here is our dedication to you!


Much love and thanks from all of us to you!


Sure hope that luck rubs off on all of us!!!!!







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GUYS AND GALS if you haven't come down to the fair yet to get your picture taken with a big Granite Burm then you need to today because it's THE LAST DAY! We've got a bunch of animals to check out and we're tryin to break a record today for the most pictures taken for the entire fair. So come show your support of The Reptile Zoo by getting your picture taken. Apparently they're letting people in early because it was already bumping by 10:15 when I was still tryin to set up. DON'T MISS OUT!!!

Greg and Mandy REALLY wanting to take your picture! Or just being insane as usual.

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