Beardies and Beyond!

Good Day Herpers!

Were comin’ at ya from the Beardie BeYoNd! =P Armed with new Bearded Dragon morphs, were going full force into the ‘after summer’ blues with a confident smile and a steady hand. On top of the hundreds of snakes, lizards, arachnids and amphibians we carry, and they’re many morphs, we have added a few new selections to our Bearded Dragon list!!

I’m sure many of you either own Bearded Dragons (due to their docile nature and calm temperament) or have had friends who own these little creatures. On the other hand, there are so many color morph options to choose between here at Prehistoric Pets, we decided to write a little blog with pictures to give you an idea for your possible future best beardie! =D


Sandfire Bearded Dragon ON SALE $179.99!!!

Fancy Bearded Dragon Morphs (email info@PREHISTORICPETS.COM FOR PRICING)

Translucent Bearded Dragon

Hypo Citrus Tiger Bearded Dragons $149.99

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