Amphibian Para-Para-Paradise!

It’s a day for our Amphibians Herpers, we put away the snakes and lizards to bring to you some cool toads and frogs we have for sale RIGHT here in the shop!  Although these guys aren’t as initially popular or requested like their reptile friends; we make quite a killing on amphibian sales once customers are educated on their care.  So, with that being said, today’s blog will show you and educate you on available amphibians.  Let’s take a look and start off at the little guy :)

The Golden Mantella’s ventral surface is yellow in females, and a lighter yellow in the males. The inside of the thigh sometimes shows bright red coloring.   Just like their red brothers, their brightly colored skin warns their predators that they are very poisonous!  These tiny lil fellas only grow to be 1 inch in length!  Now I know small….THAT’S small!! ;P  Thanks to their small size, they fittingly have small appetites that consist of small invertebrates.

Up next on the roster, are the Spadefoot Toads.  These particular toads are of typical shape to most burrowing frogs. They are round, with short legs and protruding eyes. As suggested by their name, this frog has hard lumps present on their feet, which helps them to dig. Like most burrowing frogs, they will dig backwards into the ground.  They spend the majority of their lives underground, commonly beneath constant ponds or creek beds.

Next on deck, are the Fire-Bellied Toads.  All in the name, these toads display vibrant red- or yellow-and-black patterns on the toads' ventral areas, which act as, a warning to predators of the toads' supposedly foul taste.  . The toadlets and the toads consume insects, such as flies and beetles, but also invertebrates such as annelid worms, and terrestrial arthropods.  Captive fire-bellied toads usually live to be around 12 years old, making them GREAT beginner pets for first time amphibian owners. 

Lastly, we bring you the adored Whites Tree Frogs.  These popular tree frogs are understood to originate from Australia and New Guinea. They are an awesome frog for first-time frog owners as they are simple and super easy to care for. White’s tree frogs have an typical lifespan of 16 years and are sometimes called” Dumpy Tree Frogs” due to their “dumpy” look.  The adult frogs can grow to 4-5 inches in length, with the females usually longer than males.  They are content to sit quietly for hours on end, staring out of their habitat at plants, owners, or walls. (O.o) During mealtime, the frog will move quickly and quietly, stalking its prey. After a while, the frogs will also be able to tell you are going for the box of crickets and will become quite interested in your every move!


All of these cute lil fellas can be found for purchase right here at Prehistoric Pets!  Stop on in and have a L@@k!!!


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Amphibian Paradise

Amphibians are becoming popular pets because of their small size, attractive looks and the undemanding conditions needed to take care of them. Here at The Reptile Zoo, we understand your need for simple household pets for you or your family and have made sure to supply you with a variety of Amphibians to choose from! Let's check out some of the options you can find NOW at Prehistoric Pets! Let's Go! =)

Cheap and bite size, this cute little guy, unlike many amphibians, does not require artificial heating. They croak so loud they even sound like quacks!! The color of their hide range from bright and olive green to yellow green, BUT they are not absolute and could change depending on the temperature and the condition of light in the area of habitat!
Green Tree Frog $7.99

"Fire-bellied" comes from the brightly colored red- or yellow-and-black patterns on the toads' ventral regions, which act as warning coloration, a warning to predators of the toads' foul taste! The mating call of the male sounds like a dog's bark and will be very faint to hear. These colorful hop scotchers are one of the most popular amphibians to hit our sales floor, they make great class pets too! ;)
Fire Bellied Toads $11.99

Originating in Madagascar, the Tomato Frog's name comes from its bright red coloration. If a predator grabs a tomato frog in its mouth, the frog's skin oozes a thick substance that coats the predator's eyes and mouth, causing oit to release the frog to free up its eyes. The gummy substance contains a toxin that occasionally causes allergic reactions in humans, although secretion is rare and only when threatened.
Tomato Frog $29.99

As for the BiG BoY, we bring you the Giant African Pixie Frog!! Females grow to about 5 inches; males grow larger, up to 11 inches. They will eat pretty much anything that will fit in their mouths or that they can overpower, including mice, lizards, and other frogs. (For the more daring herper =D)
Giant African Pixie Frog $79.99

These guys could really use a new loving home, take one home today and introduce your new family pet! Happy Herping!

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