Hurry!  Before its too late!

We have TWO baby Frilled Dragons on sale right now for $199.99...and they are the cutest little guys.

They are extremely tame, and would make an excellent addition to your family!

Native to Australia and New Guinea, they get their name from the large frill around their neck, which they can fan-out to ward off enemies.  This unusual attribute is achieved by long spines of cartilage attached to the jaw bones.  This is why when the frill "pops out" you commonly see the lizard's mouth open wide!

They are crazy little lizards, let me tell you.  VERY entertaining, lol. 

They eat mostly insects, such as crickets and large worms, and males can reach up to 3 feet long.  When running, frilled lizards can even stand up and run on two-feet!  They make for a really cool little pet, not only because of the frill, but they have a super spunky attitude.

Many of you probably know our beloved shop-pet "Fred" the Frilled Dragon.  He has a permanent residence here, and man is he spoiled.  Everyone loves him, especially for the birthday parties, because he LOVES to climb on top of your head!

So we dubbed our little babies...Fred-lits.  They are SO cute, and showing the same sweet and cooky personality of their friend Fred.

Call, or stop by, for more info...and come check out these lovable creatures!  Remember, Christmas is right around the corner!

($199.99......they won't be here for long!)



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Frilled and Friendly!!

Hey there Herpers!<br>

There are so many fun and interesting creatures lurking around every nook and cranny here at the shop, sometimes its hard to keep up.  Everyday we have kids and parents asking to hold and pet the array of beautiful animals we breed and supply, but most are housed behind glass walls and stone enclosures.  So how do you get a REAL Jurassic experience?!  BOOKING A JURASSIC PARTY OF COURSE!!!

Its as Simple as 1, 2, 3 CLICK and BOOM!  Book a party TODAY with us and have a ONE OF A KIND party for your special event!  Give your kids the party to be talked about for years to come!  Along with snakes, geckos, bearded dragons and MUCH more that are brought to parties, one guest especially stands out.  Our much loved Fred, the Frill-Necked Lizard!!




Frill Necked Lizards or "Frilled Dragons" are found mainly in northern Australia and southern New Guinea. Its name comes from the large frill or fan around its neck, which usually stays folded against the lizard's body.  BUT when  the lizard is frightened, it gapes its mouth exposing a bright lining and the frill flares out displaying bright orange and red scales. This reaction is often used toward off other predators  or during mating.  You probobly know these little guys from the feature film "Jurassic Park" as the black slime spitting "dinosaurs", however, Frilleds do NOT spit black slime! This is what it looks like to watch them do their 'Thang' ;P.




The frill-necked lizard is an arboreal lizard, meaning it spends a majority of its time in the trees.  These lizards venture to the floor only in search of food, or to battle over territory!  The trees provide adequate camoflauge as well as offer most of the small insects frilled dragons eat.  Not to mention the fact that they like to be at the tipy top of just about . . .



Or Anyone!



Friendly and loveable, Fred is one of the select few IN STORE ONLY party only animals provided.  Yup, that means you gotta come visit him at The Reptile Zoo, or book a party IN the Zoo to NOT ONLY to get hands on experience with one of the coolest lizards under the sun, but also check out featured animals like TWINKIE The worlds Largest snake, or Frank our asian water monitor who now stars in the Disney T.V. show "Jessie"!

Book us TODAY at!!


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Boa Babies!

Hey Guys!

We have had the most exciting day ever here at The Reptile Zoo!  The California Academy of Science came earlt this morning to take some photos of our amazing retics and to observe it's life and movement.  We got a bunch of really cute frilled lizards into the Reptile Zoo!  Laura and I had a meeting to plan lots of fun stuff for the summer (think VIP parties, snakes and movies, a scavenger hunt, Geo cashing, Buttons, stickers and maybe an employee calender?)  And then, on top of all that, a Boa had a ton of babies and we just so happened to get it all on video!

you really are missing out if you haven't come by The Reptile Zoo yet!  We miss you!  Dragon misses you, and you never know what might happen!

much love


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Here are a few or more wonderful things we have for sale here.!  If you have any questions about any of this please contact Garrett at

He can answer all your questions about everything and if there is something you want that is not pictured, Garrett can get it for you!  Just email him a description of what animal you want with all the details, and Garrett will make sure you get it!  He even does the deliveries and the shipping and the handling himself!

He can do anything and he can't wait to hear from you!


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Fred's Got a Girlfriend!

In the Reptile Zoo we have lots of cool reptile toys, some are just for looks and some are for playing with.  We have this robot dinosaur and he looks so cool even though he doesn't work anymore!  We also have a frilled dragon here named Fred!  Fred is the cutest thing ever, but he lives by himself and sometimes he looks like he's lonely... at least to me.  So I put the really cool toy robot dinosaur in the cage with Fred and now I think he loves her!  He looks so much happier!  He gaurds her and kinda cuddles up with her and it is the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my whole life.  They are the cutest couple!  So Fred's got a girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!  Go Fred!!!!!!!!

Much love!



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