Boy do we have a surprise for all you fans out there!  So many people flood our message boards and posts with questions and inquiries about when we will be making ore NEW updated videos.  Well guess what I’m here to tell you, IT’S HAPPENING! 

Let’s introduce you to close friend and associate Sean who will be taking over our video production shooting videos the fans WANT to see!  How does he know what YOU want to see?  If you were thinking he was telepathic, you’re HALF right! (;P JK)  Fans can get a piece of the action by simply emailing Sean directly at with their requests or leave comments on our Facebook wall!   All of us here at the shop have tried to take advantage of any chance we come across to shoot a new updated video, so the extra free hands will be a definite help. 

Sean isn’t just here to be steady hands behind the camera; he also has assisted and accompanied Jay in his business.  He has been working with owner Jay Brewer for 15 years now (O.O) as an assistant breeder AND our official Tech Guy.  All of our blog and social sites you all enjoy have been built and maintained by him.  But much like Batman and Superman, Sean’s hasn’t quit his “night job”.  When out of his reptile environment, Sean acts as lead singer for a Post-Punk rock band! Woo, he does A LOT! 

Sean, a.k.a. Doktor Mortis, stands in lead position with guitar in hand.

Below I’ve shared with you guys a couple of the NEWEST videos we’ve just put out on our YouTube channel.  No need to fret or fear fans, Sean will also be accompanying Jay and traveling to AFRICA next month for a Safari and Trade show!  You can surely bet that he will return with OODLES of fresh new photos AND videos for your entertainment!  Ready to see new footage?  Well HURRY UP and submit your request to Sean before he packs up and leaves for his Safari adventure!



Here are the latest videos Jay and Tim were able to make for you.  These videos give you a sneak peak at some of the ULTRA AWESOME breeding projects we have going on including Ghost stripe, Goldenchilds and Albino Titanium Pinstripes!  Wish us luck as we hope for the healthiest and most successful clutches. =)

Video Link



Video Link


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Albino Goldenchild Sunfire!

We here at Prehistoric Pets have an albino sun-fire that is currently breeding with a golden-child het albino and they locked up earlier this week. We here are trying to create the very 1st ever albino golden-child sun-fire!!!!!! It has never been done before and we are very excited about bringing you something else new! The golden-child is a project we have been working on for a while now and we haven’t produced very many of them but this year is looking like the best one yet and hopefully we will have multiple clutches that we will share with you as soon as possible! Meanwhile enjoy the pictures of some locking up and ovulation. Much love Xo………….Savannah

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