Happy St. Patty's Day!

HAPPY ST.PATTYS DAY EVERYONE!!  Hope you all are rockin’ some kind of green today, of course about 75% of the reptile here are ready for St. Patrick’s Day all year long. =P  Some zoo guests thought their lack of green attire would eventually result in a “karma” bite, or as we know them, snake pinch ;P.  Fortunately (for some) there was NO snake or even lizard bites, but PLENTY of “accidental” poopies!  The animals must have had too many Shamrock shakes in celebration because BOY did they POO! =P

How did you celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day?  Did you pick a special outfit to coordinate your green or were you like me and threw on a simple green accessory?  Either way, it seems like the rain couldn’t ruin this year’s St. Patty’s day, No way Jose!  In fact, it seems as though the rain brought us MORE visitors since everyone and their mother pretty much hate staying in on a cold rainy Saturday.  So why not spend the whole day in a heated building petting cool animals and seeing one of a kind reptiles?! 

Throughout the day I asked several visitors to take pictures with their animals, our animals or just of their crazy cool St. Patrick’s Day outfits.  I think the reptiles really enjoyed celebrating with all of us, they seemed just as excited and amped as the kids that held them.  Check out some of the silly pix I managed to capture around the shop and have a fun, fantastic and SAFE St. Patrick’s Day!

Tara and her Shamrock Tree Frog ;P

These guys had the right idea ;D

Share your St. Patrick's day photos with us on our Facebook!  We'd love to see what kind of cool and funny outifts you guys came up with. =D




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Hot Turtle Eggs


It never ceases to amaze me how easily, quickly, and adequately animals can adapt to new surroundings.  I loved my ecology, vertebrate zoology, and ornithology classes in college.....SO interesting to learn about different species overcoming threats and environmental changes.  Animals are truly awesome.

ScienceDaily reports that researchers found turtles that actually evolved in their egg-laying to accommodate higher beach temperatures.

I thought that was what digging a deep hole was for....

Well, burying the eggs is mainly to keep them WARM, not to even out the temp....and also to protect them from predators.  A study was done on Ascension Island, off the coast of South America, for the Green Turtle.  Mothers would travel from the coast of S.A. to this tiny island to lay their eggs, mainly because it was where they themselves hatched (something I didn't know!).  There were two beaches in the study, and though they were only 6 kilometers apart, the temperatures varied around 3 degrees.

It doesn't seem like much, but after the eggs were put into warm incubators, it was found that the eggs from the warmer beach thrived much more than those from the cooler beach.  COOOOOOL.

These turtle mommas know what they are doing!

Check back for more news from the Reptile WORLD!




ScienceDaily:  "'Heat-proof' eggs help turtles cope with hot beaches" 


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The Hard Work!

It takes so much work from every staff member to keep the Reptile Zoo running and to care for everything here!  You might not even realize some of the smaller and less glamourous tasks that go on here!  Some things you just dont think about, like butcher paper!  How much butcher paper does it take to keep every snake's cage clean and comfortable for them?  Well, let's do the math, about a billion snakes, about 6 sheets per day that have to be changed daily, and replaced!!!!  I don't know the exact number but I know that it's alot.  We use recycled paper so that it's eco-friendly because we try to stay as green as possible here!  And perhaps that will inspire you guys too... When you come to pick up your feeders, if you bring your own box or your own cricket keeper, or your own container to put your worms in we can all do our part and save on paper and plastic!!!!!  Not saying you have to of course, we are always happy to bag things up for you, just a suggestion, because every little bit helps our beautiful mother earth!



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