An End to the Nameless!


Happy Rainy Day Herpers!  I actually LOVE this reminds me of where I grew good ole' Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I hated the humidity, but LOVED the rain...especially thunderstorms.  Awesome.

Anyway...we are officially putting an end to the animals without names in our zoo.  No...not THAT kind of end...jeez.  I have been running back and forth between here and the awesome print & copy shop next door, making sweet new name tags for our crazy critters!  We come up with most of them here, but some of them have been named by you!!  Here are some examples....






It gives the animals personality, helps us keep track, provides a caring atmosphere, and allows children to interact with them!  I have even seen some of the employees walking around the zoo themselves, checking it out and cracking up at some of them...    :-P

So, break out those rainboots and umbrellas, and come visit our newly-named reptilian friends!  Its warm and dry in here.....



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So...what's new in the Zoo? A LOT!!

We try to keep you guys updated pretty well on what happens day-to-day here at Prehistoric let's take a second to recap.

I just updated everyone on how well the alligator enclosure is coming along...we are just about a month away from completion!! Everyone here is SO excited because this is our biggest and most detailed yet....even bigger than Twinkie's! We had some of the guys clean it up a bit today, to get ready for painting and final preparations. Here are some "so far" pics for you:

GREAT work everyone!!

We also just got a new shipment of everyone's favorite gecko...the crested! We have some WAYYYY cool ones too, come check them out!!

There are the Red Harlequins (sweet) that range from $149.99 to $249.99

Even some Gargoyle Geckos (super cool) for $89.99

"Checkin' out my reflection..."

"Where's Waldo?"

Plus there is also a beautiful assortment of normal Cresteds with awesome coloring.

Perhaps the most excitement, however, is about a very special Asian Water Monitor named Frank. He has been a workaholic lately...Jay has been taking him to and from L.A. every week to film a new Disney Channel TV series!!!

"Jessie" will premier tonight on the Disney Channel at be sure to check it out to see Frank as the lovable little trouble-maker, Mr. Kipling. We are SO excited!

With all this craziness going on, we are still the same old awesome place to come have a party, feed turtles & tortoises, touch and hold snakes, and just check out some very RARE be sure to stop by!

See you soon!

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Question of the Week...

Well, more like question of the YEAR.

QUESTION: "What do you feed that huge snake??"

I can honestly say that EVERYDAY we are asked what we feed to Twinkie. We get several questions about her, but that is the most popular. I can see why, because she is so big, most of us just can't comprehend her eating anything other than a small child. But don't worry...that is definitely not on the menu.

Twinkie is our claim to fame...she's an 8-year-old, 23-foot, 370 lb, Amelanistic Reticulated Python. She is the largest documented snake in the world, due to her size. She is not the longest...but the largest. Very muscular and powerful, Twinkie is a beautiful sight to behold...causing MANY MANY gasps each and everyday.

ANSWER: Each week, we offer her a JUMBO rabbit, usually at least 15 lbs itself. Sometimes she won't take it, but usually she's a great eater. Obviously.

She's also famous...having been on Leno and Conan. She even has her own facebook page. Check it out: "Twinkie: The World's Largest Snake". People have come from all over the world to witness her girth, as well as the MANY other rarities in our zoo. While not particularly aggressive, it does take at least 6 grown men to handle her because she is SO powerful.

We love you Twinkie!

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Jurassic Fact of the Week!

When I ask kids what their favorite animal at our parties is...the most common answer is the Burmese Python. Maybe because they are HUGE...maybe because they are usually the last animal and its the one they think of first...whatever it is, kids love them. Our burms go through extensive "party bootcamp"...getting handled frequently and fed a bit more often to ensure a sense of calmness in them.

Burmese Pythons are naturally found in what used to be Burma (now Myanmar) in Southeast Asia. As one of the 6 largest snakes in the world, they grow to an average of 15 feet, but sometimes as long as 20 feet! They are semi-aquatic...being nocturnal rainforest dwellers, and are naturally more docile than most snakes their size.

We take them to every party, plus they are always available for pictures in the Zoo, and at the Fair! We took hundreds of pictures of excited guests with our burms at the OC fair this year. At the Zoo, guests can get the same opportunity ($5 with their camera, $8 with ours plus a printout). We have even had toddlers brave the large snake for a memorable photo!

These guys have different "morphs" as well, like any other snake. We have several albinos (bright yellow) and they are a BIG favorite because of how unique and beautiful they are. We also have a few granite burms, which are mainly gray with a rock-like pattern. Here are a couple examples:



Come see us at The Reptile Zoo, and get your picture with a 9-foot Python!! It is definitely a memorable experience. See you soon herpers!

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Reptile Zoo Visitor of the Month!!

Congrats to Jake Beck!

This super awesome kid is our Zoo Guest of the Month...about time too, since he has been visiting us almost EVERY Tuesday and Friday for a whole year!! Jake is 8 years old, and loves to visit the hands-on area of the zoo...he will spend ALL his time there, holding reptiles and teaching kids about animals. He actually said his favorite part of coming to the zoo is getting the chance to help the other children with the animals, teach them cool facts, and let them know they don't need to be afraid.

Jake likes to play with his friends in his spare time, and wants to be a COP when he grows up, how cool!! He is home-schooled, so he gets to visit us even during the school year. He knows SO much about this place that when customers have questions...he answers them before I can! I asked him what his favorite animal in the whole shop is, and he said the California King changed from when we shot the video (below). So, I'm sure he will have a NEW favorite again soon!

So if you come in on a Tuesday or Friday, you will probably see Jake, showing our guests how beautiful and interesting these creatures can be! Here are some pics of him in action throughout his days here, and even a video interview!

Thanks Jake! See you soon!

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It's like an amusement park in this place...there are so many kids, so much noise, and so much F-U-N!

All the kids are getting opportunities to see, learn about, and even touch and hold many different kinds of crazy reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Three spectacular in-store parties today, for three awesome kids and their guests, lots of fun photo opp's at our hands-on reptile exhibit area, lots of feeding the turtles and fish, and of course....CAKE! There are so many exciting things that the kids don't want to leave!

We loved helping each and every future herper today learn about these cool creatures, and giving them possibly a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hold these exotic animals. We try to give everyone the best experience available. Personally, I like to think of being in their shoes..."how cool is this???" (Thats what I would be thinking) :-P

Like every Saturday, we have had a steady stream of guests...but today seemed even busier! Probably excited to be out for summer! Woohoooooo! And this is a GREAT place to have a summer party (especially now that we have AC in the party rooms!!)

Today was crazy fun overall, and a BIG thank you to all who came out to enjoy The Reptile Zoo! We hope to have made your weekend super awesome amazingly epically memorable!!

(Shannon gives it two thumbs up!!)

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Anthony and his "dog" Bane


Many herpers come in to buy new pets from us, but we especially LOVE when they come back to show us how well they are doing!

Anthony Nguyen, bought a gorgeous black throat monitor from us about 3 months ago, and it is already twice the size it was!  He named him Bane, and he loves to take him for walks on a harness...drawing much attention I'm sure.  Bane gets a healthy diet of chicken and rats...which you can tell from his nice round belly.  Here are a couple pics from their visit today.  Thanks Anthony, and we are so glad that Bane found such a loving home!!


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Takes the cake!

Hey Guys!

The coolest things we have been seeing at all of the Jurassic Parties lately besides of course the amazing animals and smiling screaming happy kids, are the cakes!!!!!  I think we should do a cake contest actually, but until then, I want to give you guys a peek at some of the most amazing and creative cakes we have seen coming through here lately!  If you have a picture at home of your awesome Jurassic Party cake please email it to us!  We would love to have your party pics included!

Thanks so much!

Much love


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