Rise and Shine!


Rise and shine, wakey wakey everyone!  Why the wakeup call?  Well it seems to all of us here at Prehistoric Pets that everyone (including the reptiles) is having a tough time adjusting to the time change today.  With an hour leap forward, most of us dragged ourselves out of our warm beds with the moan and groan of a typical morn unwanted.  Walking into the shop, you’re sure to see majority of the snakes and lizards sleeping while the turtles and fish are already running amuck!

Rusty and Tristan are ready to start the day!

How are you adjusting to the time change?  Resolve to just hide your head beneath the blankets and avoid the coming of the sun for as long as possible? Or do you wake up with a full body stretch and a yawn, welcoming the new day coming?  Well whatever you do, you can bet on half the shop doing about the same thing, critter or not =P. 

We thought we would share some cute and cuddly photos of our reptile friends sleeping, avoiding the wake up chat of early guests and some eagerly waiting for the groups of families to come say hello!  You can count me in with the guys hiding from the sun hee hee ;P!

It's okay buddy, I'd be hiding from the daylight too ;D

I'd hide my head too if someone tried to steal an hour away from MY naptime!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and hopefully no one over slept for any important plans! =P




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Iggy Mania!

Hey there reptile lovers!  Today's edition of the Reptile Zoo blog is featuring our Prehistoric Pet of the Week, the Iguana, which is luckily for SALE! =D  Maybe you've spotted one along the beach being escorted around via leash or one hanging off the shoulder of a passer-by.  It's hard NOT to spot 7 feet of bright lizard stomping down the walk!  Ever want to own one of these majestic creatures?  Well now Prehistoric Pets makes it EASY as pie!   MmmmMMmm Piieee... ^o^... Oops!  Sorry, I went to la la land for a second hee hee ;P.

This beautiful female Cuban Iguana has the temperament of a shy lizard Queen, do what she asks and she'll be good to you, after she's warmed up to you of course =P.  She's the boss of her cage and demands to be held proper and often, making her one of the sweetest Cuban Iguana's I’ve come into contact with. Cuban Iguanas are the largest of the West Indian rock iguanas and one of the most endangered groups of lizards. This herbivorous species has red eyes, a thick tail, and spiked jowls.  Aint she a beauty...

More commonly recognized is the Green Iguana.  It grows to 4.9 ft in length from head to tail, although a few specimens have grown more than 6.6 ft with bodyweights upward of 20 pounds!  Green Iguanas are arboreal, and are often found near water. Agile climbers, they can fall up to 50 feet and land unhurt (iguanas use their hind leg claws to clasp leaves and branches to break a fall)o.O! During cold, wet icky weather, green iguanas prefer to stay on the ground for better warmth. Pretty smart huh?

Juvi Green Iguana

When swimming, an iguana remains underwater, letting its four legs hang limply against its side. They thrust through the water with powerful tail strokes and possess a row of spines along their backs and tails which helps to protect them from predators.  Their whip-like tails can be used to give painful strikes and like many other lizards, when grabbed by the tail, the iguana can allow it to break, so it can escape and eventually restore a new one!  Green Iguanas have excellent vision, allowing them to sense shapes and motions at long distances. As Green Iguanas have only a few Rod cells, they have poor vision in low-light.  At the same time, they have cells called “double cone cells” that give them sharp color vision and let them to see ultraviolet wavelengths. That's what I call a SUPEReptile =P

Green Iguana

So no matter what the size, gender or color choice, Prehistoric Pets has the answer and reptile for YOU!  Check out our homepage by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking the Prehistoric Pets tab for quick and easy search options.  There you can inquire and keep updated on any available or soon to be available reptiles. 


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Hey Herpers!  Today’s blog is all about our 3 EXTRA special Iguanas!  I’m sure most of us are very familiar with the typical Green Iguana.  Some can be seen on a leash being walked by the beach, found up in a random tree (escape artist trick) or RIGHT HERE at The Reptile Zoo!  But there’s so many other kinds of super cool iguana’s you can see or own, so let me introduce you to some. :)

Say Hello to Rusty, the Red Iguana.  Red Iguanas are some of the largest and rarest types of Iguanas found in the species.  Red iguana is mostly found in eastern and southern parts of Africa and like other types of iguana; they also need special attention and care for proper growth.  The bulk of their needy diet must have green leafy vegetables such as mustard greens, escarole, kale, and spinach.  As you can see, Rusty here is about to enjoy a big serving of YUM!


This giant beauty is Mrs. Spot, the Rhino Iguana.  The Rhinoceros Iguana (Cyclura cornuta) is a threatened species and has an average growth size of 2-4 ½ feet in length!  Their name originates from the bony-plated ‘horn’ like outgrowth which resembles the horn of a rhinoceros on the iguana's snout.  Ranging throughout Hispaniola, Haiti and the Dominican Republic; they are found mostly in scrub woodland, forests characterized by extreme dryness and rocky habitats of eroded limestone in coastal walkways in a variety habitat types.  Luckily, we have the experience, knowledge, care and love needed to house such a magnificent creature.

 Mrs. Spot

Finally, we bring you our one and only Albino Iguana, Sonny!  Iguanas are sensitive beings; most of them rely on their environment for survival. Having an Albino Iguana as your pet gives you the responsibility to properly care for it and make sure that it survives under your care.  Just like with us, make sure to feed your iguana every day and the ideal time for feeding your iguana is early in the morning. Never feed your iguana huge amounts of food before sleeping time, this gives it time to properly digest food before sleeping. In addition, the morning temperature will give your iguana the right environment to properly digest its food.  Think you’ve seen the cutest, most majestic or funny iguanas out there?  Well… you haven’t met SONNY!  Stop on in The Reptile Zoo and say hello to all 3!

 David hold Sonny as they both strike a curious pose ;P

Until next time herpers!


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One Hot Lizard

Howdy Herpers...around the time that we "unveiled" our rattlesnakes, we also acquired a new lizard display. Suitable to be in the "hot room" with the rattlesnakes are the Desert Iguanas. They have the same sort of diet as other iguanas (veggies, some fruits) but they only get about 16 inches long at the most.

You can normally find these interesting little guys in the dry, sandy desert areas of southwestern U.S. and northwestern Mexico. What I found kind of interesting is that their genus name comes from the Greek terms for "thirsty lizard". Their colors don't vary much...mainly ranging from sandy tan to gray for camouflage in their environment.

These guys are a permanent part of our zoo (not retail) and they are very cool to watch. Curious...Thinking? Another cool fact that I didn't know is that these iguanas (and maybe others) love to eat flowers. The desert iguanas love flowers and leaves from the creosote bush, as well as roses and dandelions. How cool!

Come take a peek!

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What's NEW at the Zoo??

I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE.....

Working here, we see some CRAZY things come and go, and its awesome when they are bright and colorful. As of right now, we have a very cool array of different Iguanas! Iguanas are naturally shy and skittish creatures (especially when young) so it was hard to snap pics, but I got a few good ones. They are a little high-maintenance, but if you know how to care for them they can be tamed down quite a bit. Most of them are part of the Zoo as permanent pets, but we do have a few for sale! (shown at bottom)

Part of the Zoo:

We have GREENS varying in size and shade:

We have everyone's favorite, Sonny, the Albino Green Iguana...who is a beautiful pale yellow all over.

There is a gorgeous RED (who is also pretty feisty!)

We even have TWO of the dark, but super fascinating, Rhinoceros Iguanas

But, BRAND NEW to the Zoo are two babies, who are a stunning BLUE!! Come check them out!

So, I bet now you guys are wondering what we have FOR SALE!

Some beautiful REDS:

Babies: ($89.99)

Adult: ($149.99)

An awesome, not-so-common, gorgeous, young CUBAN Iguana! ($399.99)

PLUS, we can order almost anything that we don't have but you want! So call, email, or just stop by to see what we have, ask questions, and even take home one of these colorful beauties!


See you soon!

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Macho Man Randy Savage

Ok, so there is this iguana here and I named him Macho Man, not because of the YMCA song, but because he looks exactly like  Macho Man Randy Savage.  If you don't know anything about professional wrestling, or wrasslin' rather you might not get it, but you can always Google it.  I try to pay attention to people that come in here because they often look like their pets and more times than not, if they get the pet as a baby, it begins to look like and mimic it's owner.  Not like they turn into a human or anything but like, they seem to adopt similar traits.  Maybe I spoke too soon, because I definately don't want to offend anyone if they have an ugly pet, but then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I loke things with big bug eyes, i'm not sure if I have them, but big eyes can definately make me love something, big eyes and fat heads. Example; creted geckos, tiger retics, borneo bateaters, leucistic rat snakes, and leucistic gators are a few of my favs.  OOOHhh, and red eyed tree frogs too... hahahah...

Anyways, the bigger part of this blog is, this crazy looking iguana we adopted looks just like Macho Man Randy Savage, he is always puffed up and staring and i know for sure he wants me to "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM.... OHHHHHHHH, YEEEEEEEAH"

Much love!


xo............ Savannah





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 The ooohhhhhs and aaaaaahhhhs and shrieks and squeals of children escaping from the doors and windows and through the walls of Prehistoric Pets aren’t coming from a movie or a soundtrack to some creative new 3-D Disney venture, they are, in reality coming from a once in a lifetime visual, hands on, authentic, educational demonstration and experience known as a Jurassic Party.  If you’re tired of watching your kids watch TV, or listening to them beg for new video games, or not listening at all because they are glued to their iPod, Jurassic Parties to the rescue!  A live snake can keep the attention span of a teen or tween (or adult) way longer than World of Warcraft because it’s real!  Real snakes, real lizards, real teeth and real bites and we haven’t even gotten to the spiders and scorpions yet.  Geico doesn’t have a monopoly on geckos; we have tons of them, all different shapes, sizes and colors.  In a world of computer generated, television induced, zombie tots, Jurassic Parties offers an opportunity for parents and children alike to bond and be overwhelmed by the beauty and wonder of nature.  Jump in head first and ask questions, be hands on or stand back and watch your child do it.  Laugh, smile, learn!  Some people come in a little apprehensive, but then walk out with a snake of their very own!  The memories that you make will last forever, the experience is like none other, and the educational information might just make a difference in whether or not you decide to stomp that spider on the side-walk or kill that snake in your back yard.  All life is important and once you know why things do what they do, maybe we will all understand each other a little better… it’s worth a try right?      

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Beauty is in the eye of the snake holder…

Beauty is in the eye of the snake holder…

Soooooooooo, I’ve been noticing that in the blog lots of pictures I post are of the same animals and I know why, it’s because they are the ones I like the most. And I’m thinking that’s not really fair to you guys, so today I’m going to try my best to focus on some of the animals that aren’t my personal favorites, and not for any particular reason, but may be your favorites. Some of the animals that I think are the prettiest or most interesting might not appeal to you, so I wanna be fair to everyone who reads and checks this thing out, and please feel free to let me know that if you want a picture of something specific I can try and do that too! Just send me a comment! BRB… here goes!


Example 1.... I dont like iguanas personally, but lots of people do, so... here ya go! An albino iguana named Sonny!

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