Feed me! Nevermind, I'll do it myself

Apparently, even being a Newport Beach native can be tough. Everybody knows that kingsnakes are given that name
(and separate cages) or their tendency to eat their own kind (how rude!). But what happens when a bored kingsnake is left all by his lonesome? Take a look!


Don't worry folks, shortly after this picture was taken, this hungry snake realized the error of his ways and released himself, much to his own relief. We love snakes here at the Reptile Zoo, but not necessarily for their smarts. Come on in and visit, but remember, its a dog-eat-dog, er, snake-eat-snake world out there. 

Later Gator!

-Mandysaurus Rex

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JFW...the knowledge of champions

Our Jurassic Fact this week is focused on an animal that I, myself, had to slowly get used to.

The Kingsnake, in many different forms, is an excellent party animal because its draws much attention when the facts are given. I have had many a child gasp when I tell them how they get their name. They are called Kingsnakes because they eat other snakes...even other kingsnakes....and EVEN rattlesnakes. It is found that they are immune to the venom and very commonly go after them in the wild.

Florida Kingsnake

This is the common pattern of the Florida Kingsnake, and the colors may vary. In captivity, they are actually quite docile and can make great pets. Wild-caught kings may be a bit more aggressive, but with proper handling and care, its easy to tame them.

California Kingsnake

I think California Kingsnakes are really cool-looking. They are much different than other snake patterns, with very thick and bold brown (or black) and white stripes. We have several that we use for birthday parties that are sweet as sugar!

The California King can be found throughout the southwest, in a variety of environments ranging from deserts to forests...and the same for the Florida King in the southeast. They aren't quite as well-tempered as the ball python or cornsnake, but with patience and care they can be wonderful pets.

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