Jurassic Fact of the Week: Bane The Black Throat Monitor

What’s got four feet of scales and can walk on a leash?

No, it’s not a Saint Bernard with a skin condition; it’s one of The Reptile Zoo’s newest residents, Bane the Black Throat Monitor!

Bane has been with us for two months after being acquired from loyal customer Anthony, and is not only on display in The Reptile Zoo, but is also quite a party animal in his work with Jurassic Parties. In fact, Bane has already been to a handful of parties in his short career with the company.

When you’re a four foot lizard, a party can make you a star in two ways. Like most large reptiles, if not socialized and familiar with human interaction, Bane could be an aggressive party pooper. Luckily, he is being trained so the more sweet and mild side of his personality shines making him the life of the party.

Like most of us in sunny Los Angeles, this gentleman likes to keep things natural, especially his tough toenails. A favorite behavior of monitors is to “hug” their handlers using them as a tree, and his long toenails have caused a few of his experienced handlers to take a needle and thread to their uniforms after an event. Maybe we can point out that all the celebrities get manicures and convince him to get one?

Bane doesn’t mean any harm, he just loves to hold on to people he likes. He values their love and affection like all other Monitors. Not to mention, sometimes you just need a good hug.

Now about Bane’s “training,” since Bane is a still getting the hang of the party circuit, he requires someone with experience to help him get used to having so many people around. Being a celebrity can be overwhelming after all!

Despite being a monitor, Bane, like all Black Throat Monitors is not a swimmer. In the wild, they prefer to burrow or climb throughout the area that they call home in Tanzania. Despite their small natural habitat, Black Throat Monitors are not considered endangered. This is good news for all of Bane’s distant relations back home!

Bane’s reptile family at The Reptile Zoo includes “big brother” Boss who is only slightly larger than our new scaly pal. Their lengths are literally a big deal since most of the time a Black Throat Monitor will only reach 3-3.5 feet. Still, at four feet, Bane and Boss are small compared to the largest known of their species who was 7 feet long! That’s about 1/3 of Twinkie!

Boss is definitely more experienced than this new kid on the block. He has two years of being the center of attention at parties behind him and has fine-tuned his manners as a result of his wisdom. While the lighter Black Throat Monitor scarfs his snacks down in no time, Boss has mastered a “suave” attitude to match his darker coloring and savors his protein filled food. Can you blame Bane though? He IS a growing young man after all... Well, perhaps more young than growing... Hey, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your food!

Manners or not, Bane is a new favorite at TheReptile Zoo and we look forward to many years of hugs and quick meals with this handsome Monitor.

Come visit Bane soon...and who knows, he might be rockin’ his leash while out for a walk.


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Avery Saves a Turtle!

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this amazing wildlife rescue video! sorry my voice is so loud, i really need to face the mic the other way! xo.............Savannah


Video Link


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How are all your new pets?

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to check and see how all your new pets are doing!  It's 2 days after Christmas and I'm sure everyone has finally settled down and I just wanted to know how all the animals are doing?  Remember they are living things and should be treated as such!  With lots of TLC!!!!!  Please do not cast them aside like the remote control car you got or the video game you have already won!

Are you taking good care of them? 

Feeding them everyday? 

Making sure they have fresh water and a clean cage? 

If they need UVB are you providing it? 

Are you snuggling with them? 

Keeping them warm? 

If the need calcium are you providing it?

Make sure you take good care of all the new animals that you have at home!  We love each and everyone of the little guys that left our store before Christmas!  If you have any questions about them please call us or bring them by!  We want you and your pet to grow and live together happily and no question is a dumb question!  We will be happy to answer them all!  You can even email your questions to us!




We look forward to hearing from you all! 

Send us pictures!  Tell us how good everything is going!  Show us how big they get!  A pet from Prehistoric Pets is a lifetime investment and we enjoy being a part of you and your pet's life!

much love


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Where the fun is on Black Friday!

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