The Fury of Mangrove Snakes!

Hey guys!

This morning has been a super awesome one!  I got to feed my new mangroves last night and set them all up this morning!  I even got a kiss or two from the biggest one of them.  Mangrove snakes are definately my favorite, but I will try with all my might not to overwhelm you all with pictures of them!  They are so gnarly and beautiful!  so, I'm going to promise today only, unless something amazing happens that I just can't resist later.  Not to be outdone, Greg took a big bite from a party burm this morning while he was trying to feed it!  I love it in the mornings when everyone get a bite or two!  It's so much fun!  It doesn't happen very often as we are all very skilled in the Art of Snake... if there is such a thing.  We practice, and practice and train and train so that we are quick witted and agile..... hahahahah...jk

We really all just love our jobs and try to do the best we can in everypart of it, from cleaning the cages,  feeding the lettuce and cricket eaters, to doing the fun stuff like feeding the big snakes and monitors.

What a glamorous job we have!!!!!!!

Here are the mangrove pics from this morning and I will have the bite pics of Greg and the burm in a few secs..........

much love,







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