My Red Rump brings all the Herpers to the store!...

Usually “butt” gawking is considered rude and offensive, BUTT not in this case. ;P  Why not?  Well, today we happen to be talking about the magnificent Mexican Red-Rump Tarantula, a.k.a. Brachypelma vagans.  Sufficed to say their evident “Red Rump” is the cause to their name and initial butt gazing.  Trust me, it’s much prettier and less weird than it sounds =P.

Mike McConnell always snapping the good pix!  They're Buds :)

The Mexican red Rump tarantula is a large jet black spider with vibrant red hairs on its abdomen.  Although little is known about the biology of the ‘Vagans’, as is with most tarantulas, adult females are normally 5- 7.5 cm in body length, with a leg span up to 13 cm. Adult males are slightly shorter with a much smaller abdomen. Woot for the Ladies! =P 

Vibrant example of the "red rump"

Unlike our typical house spiders that we fear plan mutiny against us home owners, Mexican red-rumps are nocturnal predators, feeding on ground-dwelling insects, arachnids, crustaceans and more. (Small unruly children are a treat at times ;P ).  Just like the common Chilean Rose Hair tarantula, it has irritating bristle hairs on its abdomen used as a defense against other predators. Fortunatley, these critters require properly kept burrows, far from our plain sight. 

These massive beauties of the wild are considered aggressive and quite speedy, so BE CAUTIOUS when handling.  Luckily, this species has not been reported to possess a bite serious to people, PHEW!  Winning again, the ladies are long-lived, potentially reaching 15 years of age.  They can be purchased as pets, and feed commercially on crickets and cockroaches.  Make sure to do PLENTY of research before making such a decision.  There are tons of species to be chosen from, everyone with it’s own special “nitch”.  Stop on in Prehistoric Pets and check out our selection!




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