LIVE From Fountain Valley, It's SATURDAY!

Talk about CrAzY Saturdays Fans!  I suppose you could say it’s a typical weekend for us, jamming with party families and future Herp owners.  It’s amazing to see the contrast between normal work days and the weekends; the shop goes from cricket quiet to screamin’ loud!  Not that we mind, it’s always so much fun to join in the festivities of all the happy families and also help amateurs become professional reptile handlers and owners.  Wonder what it must be like in the Reptile Zoo while we host our back to back Jurassic Parties?  One word…. HECTIC!  Here’s just a glimpse or two.

WOW that’s a LOT of people!  That definitely makes for a quick, easy and FUN work day for us.  Of course, when we aren’t caring for, cleaning after or checking on all our reptile friends, we are plotting.  Yes…. plotting.  Don’t you remember that tomorrow is the “oh so special” April Fools Day?!  Again, this holiday of pranks is upon us and I’m sure most of you are only counting the seconds until it’s over.  However, we gotta have a little fun here in the shop. ;)  Frank thought he’d get an extra early start and decided to sneak his way into Buddy’s cage while he was out doing a quick photo shoot with some party kids.  Hee Hee, As you can see, he was BUSTED before he could finish the prank!  Silly Frank, Tricks are for kids =P

As for the rest of the animals, they can’t focus too much on the prospect of perfect pranks when they need to have energy for their presentations.  Hey, who knows, maybe THEY are plotting this year’s perfect reptile prank…..o.O.  Hmmmmm, what do you think they will do?  WE MUST BE PREPARED!  With all the “ammo” we could use when working at a reptile shop for April Fool’s, I think maybe we should be more nervous around each other rather than worrying over our reptilious friends.  ;D

**BEWARE of what hides behind your decorations!** ;D

Michelle told Nick to eat on his lunch....this is what happens when you disobey O.O

It’s time to start counting down to one of the years funniest and most anxiety ridden holidays!  Have any cool reptile pranks??  Share them with us!  Have a great weekend guys and see you tomorrow!



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Oh My Michelle!

 Prehistoric Pets has been a family owned business for many years and all the associate have also become like a family.  You have been introduced to old and new faces throughout the years.  Today we bring you newest newbie face, Michelle Rodruiguez!

Michelle has been interested in reptiles pretty much her entire life, but in the past 2 or 3 years she picked up the hobby seriously.  Now proud owners of SEVERAL reptiles, Michelle and her children have their own reptile zoo at home!  With 2 Ball Pythons "Vixen" and "Kazaz", a Crested Gecko "Lola", a Beardie "Firecracker" and a Tarantula named "Freak", Michelle is definitely experienced with all sorts of different reptile species.   She says some of her favorite reptiles are Ball Pythons and Dum's, which is also where she says her expertise, is based.  Michelle also shared with us her ABSOLUTE favorite reptile EVER, the Gaboon Vipers!  When asked what was it that made her so interested in THAT particular snake, she replied, "They're pattern is SO gorgeous and they have the highest venom yield of any venomous snake in the world!.... It's so intriguing to see such a beautiful and powerfully venomous snake."  Nice choice there Michelle =D.

Michelle plays "Mimic" with our baby Anaconda <3  "GGRRAAWWRRR"

Here at Prehistoric Pets, Michelle is one of the many bright faces you see caring for all our retail animals and assisting customers through the store.  “Being able to help and educate new and experienced herpers is one of my favorite things” she said when asked about what she enjoys most when working at Prehistoric Pets.   She specializes in ball pythons and Dum's and hopes to own more reptiles in the future.  On top of being a great new employee, Michelle keeps up spirits here at the shop.  Our official “Mother Hen” can smell a bad mood a mile away and crushes it with a joke and a hug X-D.  Welcome to the Family Michelle! 


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