My Red Rump brings all the Herpers to the store!...

Usually “butt” gawking is considered rude and offensive, BUTT not in this case. ;P  Why not?  Well, today we happen to be talking about the magnificent Mexican Red-Rump Tarantula, a.k.a. Brachypelma vagans.  Sufficed to say their evident “Red Rump” is the cause to their name and initial butt gazing.  Trust me, it’s much prettier and less weird than it sounds =P.

Mike McConnell always snapping the good pix!  They're Buds :)

The Mexican red Rump tarantula is a large jet black spider with vibrant red hairs on its abdomen.  Although little is known about the biology of the ‘Vagans’, as is with most tarantulas, adult females are normally 5- 7.5 cm in body length, with a leg span up to 13 cm. Adult males are slightly shorter with a much smaller abdomen. Woot for the Ladies! =P 

Vibrant example of the "red rump"

Unlike our typical house spiders that we fear plan mutiny against us home owners, Mexican red-rumps are nocturnal predators, feeding on ground-dwelling insects, arachnids, crustaceans and more. (Small unruly children are a treat at times ;P ).  Just like the common Chilean Rose Hair tarantula, it has irritating bristle hairs on its abdomen used as a defense against other predators. Fortunatley, these critters require properly kept burrows, far from our plain sight. 

These massive beauties of the wild are considered aggressive and quite speedy, so BE CAUTIOUS when handling.  Luckily, this species has not been reported to possess a bite serious to people, PHEW!  Winning again, the ladies are long-lived, potentially reaching 15 years of age.  They can be purchased as pets, and feed commercially on crickets and cockroaches.  Make sure to do PLENTY of research before making such a decision.  There are tons of species to be chosen from, everyone with it’s own special “nitch”.  Stop on in Prehistoric Pets and check out our selection!




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It’s an insane day here at The Reptile Zoo, with over 200 guests already accounted for by 12pm, and that’s JUST the IN STORE parties!  From 10am, an hour before actual opening, to 6pm was stacked with party animals and reptiles too! ;P  With so many people to attend to already, not to mention the customers here for animals purchases, feed, and the zoo; EVERYONE is running around crazy!

Just L@@k at the flood of people attending JUST Nick’s party for Nyaa’s birthday!!

Between parties, the guests in our zoo as well as lingering party people were able to witness one of the FIRST LIVE monitor feeding in their new humble abode!  All that breeding they’ve been doing all week and all DAY sure have worked up a “Monitorus” appetite =P.  An even COOLER happening in the zoo today was a rare sighting indeed.  One of our monitors stayed suburged under water for over 20 minutes!  Just taking a little stroll I suppose, but pretty awesome to witness nonetheless!  VERY RARE sighting!  L@@K!

Later after Nick’s party, I had a blast with Mallory and her friends and family.  Everyone was more than willing to pet and even HOLD majority of all our friendly critters, especially the ARACHNIDS!  Loud and proud the party attendees were chucking out question after question; yelp of excitement and giggles of joy!  I was more than pumped to accommodate their needs and show them a REAL One of a kind experience!

It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Superman! Nope….it’s BETTER!  It’s everyone’s favorite, blast from the past, Mike McConnell!  Infamous for his courageous and daring antics during his presentations, he has a natural knack for nabbing everyone’s full attention and interest (No it’s not just because he has half a finger ;P).   Across the shop you could hear the excited “Ooh’s” and “aww’s” creeping out of the presentation room, with an occasional “AAAAHHHH!”. 

Right when the parties end and we think the madness is over, we look up a BEHOLD!  Waves of Reptile Zoo guests rushing in to check out the zoo and visit Twinkie and Frank!  Today surley was a day to PARTYYY!!  Book your party today and experience the FUN you've been hearing about!  It'S OuT oF CoNtRoL!!! <3


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Royal Regalis

Here at Prehistoric Pets , we are infamous for our ornate morphs and breed selections throughout the reptile kingdom.  But what about our friends, the Arachnids?  Staffer and fellow “Arachnologist” Mike McConnell was able to snap a few, might I say, Prize shots of our different furry friends. (They let him, He’s one of THEM! O.o )  Today’s edition of The Reptile zoo Bits and Bites will be following the species Poecilotheria Regalis, a.k.a. Indian Ornamental.

Maybe your familiar with Camo, our Indian Ornamental in The Reptile Zoo .  Although Camo can blend in with his surroundings, don’t underestimate his beauty and intricacy!  This whole genus of arboreal tarantulas displays a sophisticated fractal-like pattern on the abdomen.  Their striking beauty is one to be appreciated and noted.   Just L@@K!!

Setting up camp in the holes of the tall trees in Southeastern India, they spend a great deal of their time making irregular funnel webs.  However, despite this thick cotton like funnel web they create, they use pure unadulterated tarantula AWESOMENESS to ‘manually’ catch AND paralyze their prey! O.O !  I sure wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of THAT pseudo ninja trick!

It is suggested that you be somewhat educated or experienced in the handling of different tarantulas before purchasing a Regalis as a pet.  Their speed and intense venom can be a bit overbearing for someone not as prepared for their feisty ‘tudes.  With a growth span of up to 7 inches, they make beautiful display spiders for any Arachnid keeper looking to add to their collection. 

Next time your visiting Prehistoric Pets, don't forget to stop in to The Reptile Zoo and say hello to Camo!!  I guarentee you WON'T be disappointed!  Until next time Herpers!





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Happy Birthday Mike!!

It's was definitely a VERY happy birthday for Mike McConnell and everyone present here at The Reptile Zoo attending his Jurassic B-Day Bash! We even had a special guest, Yup, You guessed it, TWINKIE!!! That's right folks, our 22ft, 350lbs Albino Reticulated Python "Twinkie" finally came out for the very special birthday occasion! Mike has been loyally working with Prehistoric Pets for several years now, mostly working in back with all our crazy Retics and feeder animals. Always working with passion and love for his animals, Mike hustles and bustles throughout the store as the store "Mom" ;P making sure everyone is smiling and happy, as well as his snakes and feeders. All of us here at Prehistoric Pets/The Reptile Zoo Thank You very much Mike for your years of hard work, 'physical sacrifice' (lol), and good times! Hope you enjoyed Twinkie's visit and had a great Birthday!! ^O^...Priscilla.

C'Mon Mike! You can do it!

Twinkie takes advantage...


OH YEA!!! I almost forgot.... Guess who has a brand new Facebook Fan page?! TWINKIE!!! You got it, now you can be a official Twinkie 'fan', the biggest captive snake in the WORLD will now soon have the biggest fan base in the world, so add her NOW!!!

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