Jurrrrrrrrassic Fact of the Week!


JFW!   This week we are featuring one of our awesome educational events. 

There has been a lot of interest lately in the Split Assembly Package.  What we can do for you is bring not just 12-15 animals, but 15-18!  We offer TWO one-hour presentations, EACH with their own 20-minute hands-on period at the end, after the hour presentation.  One handler will teach students about each animal, allow for some questions, and really get the kids interested in reptiles and learning more about them.  At the end, the kids can even touch or hold a few of the awesome creatures that were shown!

This is a great offer if you have a large group of students and want everyone to have an up-close and personal experience with no hassle.  Frequently, we have teachers tell us that they devote a whole week, two weeks, sometimes a MONTH to reptile studies within their classrooms and these educational events are truly the perfect icing on the cake!

So go to www.jurassicparties.com, (or just click the tab at the top of this page), and check out how we can make learning fun!!

Hope to see you soon!  



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JFW, means its Tuesdayyyy!


Jurassic Fact of the Week Everybody!

So, if you haven't already...let's meet Mandy!  She's our fabulous in-store party girl, Harry Potter fanatic, and has a store "pet"...a Black-Nose Tegu named Rambo!  She loves him and takes great care of him!  That love and enthusiasm is also realized in her party performance.  So here is the interesting fact I snagged from Mandy today, about her party experience:

"I always try to make sure the kids learn the difference between 'venomous' and 'poisonous'...and that animals themselves cannot be 'poisonous'.  Also, I teach them the differences between turtles and tortoises."

Great job Mandy!  Keep up the education!

So, 'come on down to The Reptile Zoo' and meet Mandy...and Rambo!   Not only that...book a party here at the zoo, and Mandy just might be the one to make it super memorable!

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Don't have a BORING party.....have a JURASSIC PARTY!!!!!!

Good Evening everyone....it's been a long day of out-of-store parties for me, but I had a blast.  I always do. 

Out-of-store parties are a great way to get the word out about our store/zoo, and get more people interested.  The kids always love it...especially the one celebrating his or her birthday.  How cool is it to have all kinds of awesome reptiles come out to your OWN house with all your friends there, right?  Not only is it fun, but also educational.  Kids learn interesting facts while being very hands-on with every animal.  PLUS (adults) there's a fantastic photo opportunity every second!  Especially at the end....

I personally love the on-location parties, and they seem to love me...I got rewarded pretty well today!  I also adore all the kids and how excited they get...and how BRAVE they are!  It never ceases to amaze me. 


So, there you go folks, book a party at your home, at a park, a beach, anywhere....we won't let you down!

peace out.....for now.....Thalia

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Spending time with the family!

Hey guys!

If you haven't been to The Reptile Zoo in a while you are definately missing out!  All the animals are up and active and playing around because it's summer time!  I was lucky enough to spend alot of time with some really smart kids over the past few weeks and I can't wait to see you all again soon!  The kids that come here on a regular basis always become part of our family!  We love it and we hope you guys do too!

We are open everyday from 11 am until 8 pm except on Sundays we close at 6.  We all look forward to seeing you soon and being able to share our knowledge, love and passion for all our amazing creatures!

much love


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Sunday's Fun!

Yesterday the Reptile Zoo was crawling thick with kiddies and mommies and babies and all sorts of awesome people!  We had a bunch of Jurassic Parties, a pile of Reptile Zoo guests and all kinds of other fun things going on!  Today is a rainy Monday here in Southern California, so why don't cha come spend you rainy day with me and all the super fun Reptiles we have here at the zoo?  Sound like a plan?  Ok, see ya soon then!

Much love!


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