Visit your favorite reptile and take home a new friend!

Hey there Herpers! With summer here and everyone out of school and vacationing from work, the streets are busy with cars, bikes, scooters and traveling pedestrians. Can't seem to make time to come in the shop and take a look around for your next perspective pet? Not a problem! We have several avenues of communication and information online as well as in store. For immediate information and details on our current available reptiles, you can always check out and e-mail any questions at! How about all of you parents looking for something cool, new and exciting to do with your kids? Why not stop by the Reptile Zoo and enjoy a hands on experience with some of your kids favorite reptiles?! For just a small donation, you can hold geckos, snakes and more! Come on by the shop and give your new coming classmates a REAL summertime story to tell!


A beautiful Chameleon in our Reptile Zoo (Sorry, He's VIC "Very Important Chameleon" and cant be held!)

Leatherback Bearded Dragon

One of our Pastel Male Ball Pythons (Yup, he's for sale! $149.99!)

A Baby Red Iguana also from our Prehistoric Pet shop, take him home for just $89.99!!

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