Ring around the Rosy, Pocket full of MONEY!

It’s a warm sunny Friday and the shop seems a buzz with cheerful herps and herpers alike.  Beyond the hustle bustle of Tim tending to the Retics, Mike and Craig feeding snakes or Mandy’s loud and proud customer service, you can take a trip down the various isles of herps we carry alongside the crazy awesome deals on starter kits and complete set-ups!   We’ve got plenty of stock and deals for all your reptile needs; from accessories and equipment, to Herps and their feed, we’ve got a broad list of options.

One deal in particular that’s proving to be a more and more popular choice is the Rose Hair Tarantula and a complete set up!  That’s right, we have had such a positive response to all our previous deals and sales…. We decided to keep it rollin’!  Interested in owning your very own Arachnid?  Check out THIS deal…

Prehistoric Pets is offering an amazing deal on Rose Hair Tarantula with a complete set up kit.  This package includes the Tarantula and Exo-Terra Habitat Kit.  Sound like something’s missing?  Well, youre right.  YOU are missing!  Hee Hee, This Habitat Kit includes EVERYTHING you need to properly care for and set up your new Invertebrate.  The kit itself provides a small glass terrarium, all necessary décor, rock terrarium background, Compact hood lighting system WITH bulb, substrate, water dish, hide, thermometer, hygrometer and MORE!!!  Talk about money in your pocket!!  With this incredible deal, you save OVER $25 which leaves plenty of room for purchasing neat “extras” or even an informative publication on your new pet.

Don’t forget, Rose Hair Tarantulas make one of the best beginner T’s for any new Herper and a great addition to any experienced Herp collection. 

All of us here at Prehistoric Pets are eager to send you home with a cool new Herp to call your own and we are more than happy to answer your questions and find you the perfect Herp for your home.  So don’t be shy and feel free to stop in or call us for any information.



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Baby Fever!

“D’AAWWE! Look at the ity bity baby waby lizards!!”  Yes, this is a VERY common response to the new For Sale stock of BABY Argentine Black and White Tegus and Savannah Monitors we now have in stock.  Here at Prehistoric Pets, we consistently get request for Savannahs and Tegus of all sorts.  Luckily for us, we managed to get in quite the impressive stock.  Which is best for you?  BOTH! Dur.  All joking aside, here are some simple and general facts about these friendly creatures and your possible future pet!


Starting on the smaller side of things (only by a bit) we have in stock baby Savannah Monitors.

These adorable lizards maximum size is rarely more than 3 feet in length, with the females being considerably smaller.  Although the Savannah is native to Africa, they make fairly easy reptiles to own here in the States despite the ever-changing weather and environmental issues.  When threatened, the Savannah protects itself through camouflage; they also prefer to flee or play dead when in danger, but if cornered, defends itself with tail lashes and if need be, a powerful, vise-like bite.  OUCH!  Think that’s the end of it? Far from! When threatened by a predator, the monitor occasionally rolls onto its back and clutches a hind leg in its mouth, creating a ring with its body and making itself harder for the animal to swallow whole while playing dead.  The Oscar for “Best at Playing Dead” goes tooo…..the SAVANNAH MONITOR!! YAY! 

To top it all off, the Savannah’s have pretty simple diets which include gut loaded insects like crickets, roaches, and earthworms along with appropriately sized rodents; Pinky mice, fuzzies, adult mice, and various sized rats. Consistent handling will make Savannah’s tamer but like all monitors, if they are not handled often savannah monitors can become aggressive.  As always, these and many other reptiles will make a great addition to any family!


Jumping up in size by a fraction is the ever so adored Argentine Black and White Tegu!  FINALLY in by popular demand, we’ve got a fresh batch of crazy cool Tegu babies for you to bring home. 

Maybe you’ve seen our infamous Tegu’s Little Red, Big Red and Rambo here at The Reptile Zoo?  Similar to the Savannah, Tegu adult males are much larger than the females and can reach 3 feet in length at maturity and continue to grow to lengths of 4-4.5 feet. The females are much smaller reaching up to 3 feet in total length, from nose to tail.  Now what makes the Tegu such an appealing lizard to consider owning?  Well, most novice and even professional reptile owners appreciate docile or at least somewhat obedient temperaments in their pets.  Luckily, the Argentine Tegus make good pets as they have a tendency to become attached to their owners and are generally docile as adults.  Tegus have even been said to actively seek human attention the way a cat or dog would.


 A well cared for animal will live for about 20 years in the wild, and possibly LONGER in captivity! *However, as with most reptiles, if not handled regularly they will show more aggressive signs since they are less comfortable with the handler.* 

Heard enough to know you’re ready to make the leap into your first totally cool, totally awesome, totally REPTILIOUS purchase adventure?!  Then you know where to go; right here at Prehistoric Pets!  Alongside our new baby Savannah Monitors and Black and White Tegus, we have a huge selection of snakes, lizards, amphibians and MORE so don’t forget to stop on by or visit our website at PrehistoricPets.com!




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Barrrrrrrrrrr Rrrrrrr Clash clash clash!!!  Ladies and Gentlemen, brought to you by the rainforests of Africa, inhabiting your tropical forests and open savannahs, say hello to the Emperor Scorpion!  As one of the world’s largest species of scorpion, averaging at about an adult length of 8in, this particular Arachnid has a life expectancy of 5-8 years when held in captivity.  Not bad for a beginner pet for all you Arachnid lovers.  Low maintenance and small in size, the Emperor maintains a daily diet of Calcium dusted crickets.  These little creatures have been feared for years due to their intimidating appearance (the stinger specifically) and their unique temperament.  Curious about the stinger?  Well, despite their “scary” looks Emperor Scorpion venom is quite mild to humans; it’s often compared to a bee sting!  One of the rules of thumb we teach at our Jurassic Parties is, the larger the claws, the less poison in the stinger.  With that being said, looking at the Emperor you can see how he has great big claws, hence his low potency venom. 

Think you may want to add one of these guys to your collection?  How about starting a Arachnid colony amongst the reptiles?  This week Prehistoric Pets is hosting an AWEsome deal on our Emperor Scorpions, Scorpion set-ups and accessories!  Docile and calm in nature, the Scorpion is able to be handled as long as it is done with MUCH LoVe (as Katy so eloquently shows). 

To maintain a happy and stress-free life for your Scorpion, a set-up including rocks, logs, bark etc.  No matter what substrate you choose, it should be fairly deep (3 - 6 inches) to allow the scorpion to dig burrows. Pieces of bark, flat stones and broken ceramic flower should be provided as hiding spots for the scorpions and luckily we ALSO are hosting a deal this week for ALL sized rock outcrops for your new pet! 

Convinced yet?  Come in this week and check out the BLOW OUT sale we’ve got going on down here, especially on the Emperors!  For almost 100$ you can get a FULL Scorpion set-up, Scorpion AND outcrop to take home TODAY!  While you’re here, stop on in The Reptile Zoo and say Hello to all your friends Twinkie, Frank, Thelma & Louise and MORE!  Welcome home your new Emperor Scorpion today. =D

You won't know what you're missing until you come on in and check out all this week's deals!  Prices are cut thruout the shop and reptiles are waiting to go home with YOU!



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“Hurry Priscilla!  Catch the snake, he’s running away!” en route to catch said snake, I started to think to myself, ‘Hmmm I wonder if the kids know HOW snakes actually move around?’  Taking it upon myself to get to the bottom of this mysterious snake movement question, I tossed the question out there.  “Who here knows HOW snakes move around?” shortly after I asked this I was astounded at the many answers our creative little ones had.  “He Runs!” “He Jumps!” “He Flys!” after several minutes of laughing, I chimed back in and told the kids that you learn something new every day, and thanks to their one of a kind Jurassic Party, they were going to learn that and much more!


It seems like a simple question to ask but in order to understand the different species; it helps to know even the smallest details (Like movement) that separate them.  Although we may not live in the areas to physically see the different types of movement possible by our Serpent friends, it’s easy to identify the process just by the way the snakes body is formed when he attempts to move.  The most popular and widely known form of movement is called, Serpentine Method.  This S-shape motion is what most people think of when they think of snakes.   Starting at the neck, a snake contracts its muscles, propelling its body from side to side, creating a chain of curves.  They will push off of any bump or other surface to get moving. They move in a wavy motion and wouldn’t be able to move over slick surfaces like glass at all.  Majority of all pet and common snakes will use this method of movement.

Another method used is called Sidewinding.  While side-winding, only a few points of the snakes’ body contact the hot sand at any one time. In environments with few conflict points, snakes may use a variation of serpentine motion to get around. Contracting their muscles and flinging their bodies, sidewinders create an S-shape that only has TWO points of contact with the ground; when they push off, they move sideways. The snake will lift the middle of its body up and then push it down forcing its head to move forward.  Much of a sidewinding snake's body is off the ground while it moves, Cool huh?!  The most infamous example of this type of locomotion can be found in the aptly named, Sidewinder. 

The tracks left behind show at what points the snake's body came into contact with the ground.

The next example of motion is called the Rectilinear Method, this is a slow, creeping, straight movement. The snake uses some of the wide scales on its belly to grip the ground while pushing forward with the others.  These waves are much smaller and curve up and down rather than side to side. When a snake uses caterpillar (Rectilinear) movement, the tops of each curve are lifted above the ground as the ventral scales on the bottoms push against the ground, creating a ripple effect similar to how a caterpillar looks when it walks.  This method of locomotion is extremely slow, but is also almost noiseless and very hard to detect, making it the mode of choice for many species when stalking prey. 

Lastly, there is the Concertina Method.  The previous methods work well for horizontal surfaces, but snakes climb using the Concertina technique. The snake extends its head and the front of its body along the vertical surface and then finds a place to grip with its ventral scales. To get a good hold, it bunches up the middle of its body into tight curves that grip the surface while it pulls its back end up; then it springs forward again to find a new place to grip with its scales!  Like a Spider Monkey Snake!  ^O^ 

Hopefully this information helped shed some light on one of the many reasons why our reptile friends are so unique and special.  Next time you’re watching a snake show, visiting us at the Zoo or playing with your own pet snake; see if you can identify what type of motion the snakes uses to move around!



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April Fools Baby! ....Not?

With all the buzz floating around about possible pranks on April Fool’s day, many of us were hesitant to take anything too seriously for fear of being made a joke.  However, not everything was just fun and games; we had quite the surprise awaiting us.  For those of you who weren’t aware, reptiles like Blue Tongue Skinks and Boas give LIVE birth rather than laying eggs.  To make things even more bizarre, you can’t really tell when Skinks and Boas are pregnant, so the babies are always a big surprise.  Talk about an April Fool’s not-so Prank ;P.


Why am I telling you all this?  Well, that’s exactly what happened this week!  Staffer Rosa A. was doing her routine cage cleaning when she was greeted by a baby surprise.  Elbow deep in the Blue Tongue Skink cage, Rosa was scrubbing away when a brand new baby Skink popped out of the woodwork (Literally) to say Hello!  Shocked at this neat additions presence, Rosa informed management of our little buddy’s arrival.  Although the babies look grown, this is how they are originally born.  They are birthed at this size and their physical traits and characteristics will stay the same from birth.  Kinda cool huh?!

Think this baby is cute as a reptile button?  Why not own one of your own?!  Skinks are easy to care for, good for amateur herpers and have a simple diet consisting of insects, some fruits, flowers and berries.  No, in case you were wondering, they don’t get their name from Blueberry stained mouths after a tasty Skink meal.  In fact, they are named Blue Tongues because of their bright blue tongues that are used as DEFENSE.  Skinks use their bright tongues in a dramatic fashion to startle, distract, and ward off predators.  This works mainly because in the wild, anything colored bright blue, yellow etc. means POISON, so any approaching predator who sees the Skinks tongue think, “He’s Poisonous, I’m not going to eat that guy!” and hence the Skink lives to see another day.  So no need to fret or fear, they are tricksters but very sweet and harmless.  In fact, Skinks are shy and secretive and seldom stray far from their shelter (Homebody Lizards). 

So whether you want to take one home and make it your new beloved pet or you want to stop by The Reptile Zoo and check out all of our Skink families, we offer and encourage BOTH options!  Check out Prehistoric Pets for any available Skinks for sale or stop by The Reptile Zoo and say Hello to the variety of Skinks we house. =)  Either way, don’t forget to come by the Zoo and show a little love to our new Blue Tongue Skink baby!



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LIVE From Fountain Valley, It's SATURDAY!

Talk about CrAzY Saturdays Fans!  I suppose you could say it’s a typical weekend for us, jamming with party families and future Herp owners.  It’s amazing to see the contrast between normal work days and the weekends; the shop goes from cricket quiet to screamin’ loud!  Not that we mind, it’s always so much fun to join in the festivities of all the happy families and also help amateurs become professional reptile handlers and owners.  Wonder what it must be like in the Reptile Zoo while we host our back to back Jurassic Parties?  One word…. HECTIC!  Here’s just a glimpse or two.

WOW that’s a LOT of people!  That definitely makes for a quick, easy and FUN work day for us.  Of course, when we aren’t caring for, cleaning after or checking on all our reptile friends, we are plotting.  Yes…. plotting.  Don’t you remember that tomorrow is the “oh so special” April Fools Day?!  Again, this holiday of pranks is upon us and I’m sure most of you are only counting the seconds until it’s over.  However, we gotta have a little fun here in the shop. ;)  Frank thought he’d get an extra early start and decided to sneak his way into Buddy’s cage while he was out doing a quick photo shoot with some party kids.  Hee Hee, As you can see, he was BUSTED before he could finish the prank!  Silly Frank, Tricks are for kids =P

As for the rest of the animals, they can’t focus too much on the prospect of perfect pranks when they need to have energy for their presentations.  Hey, who knows, maybe THEY are plotting this year’s perfect reptile prank…..o.O.  Hmmmmm, what do you think they will do?  WE MUST BE PREPARED!  With all the “ammo” we could use when working at a reptile shop for April Fool’s, I think maybe we should be more nervous around each other rather than worrying over our reptilious friends.  ;D

**BEWARE of what hides behind your decorations!** ;D

Michelle told Nick to eat on his lunch....this is what happens when you disobey O.O

It’s time to start counting down to one of the years funniest and most anxiety ridden holidays!  Have any cool reptile pranks??  Share them with us!  Have a great weekend guys and see you tomorrow!



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Twinkie, Twinkie our reptile star, How I wonder what you are.

Now commencing hostile takeover of Reptile Zoo blog in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .Iiiiit’s TWINKIE Time!!!  Wooot Woooot!  Move over Frank, It’s Twinkie’s time to shine! =P  Just kidding everyone, about the hostility not the takeover ;P.  Frank did such a fun blog about his life here at The Reptile Zoo, I figured heck, I should do one too.  Assuming there are no objections, I’d like to share with you a little about growing up and living right here at Prehistoric Pets/The Reptile Zoo. 

First things first, my name IS really Twinkie.  As much as I WISH I was a real Twinkie, I was named this because of my morph type.  I am an Amelanistic Reticulated Python, also known as Amels.  Amels are characterized by a plain white body with both pastel & bold lemon yellow patterning; also possessing blazing red eyes and extremely white heads (giving me the name, Twinkie :D).  I was raised right here at Prehistoric Pets alongside my brother.  Everyone here at the shop quickly noticed how my brother and I had an incredible natural growth rate.  We had massive heads, long slender bodies and were fed the same size and amount as most other snakes our size, that is until they decided that it would be interesting to see what would happen if they fed me more.  Today, we can see the results of that wise dietary choice ;P 

Being the world’s largest python has its pro’s and con’s.  Well… actually it’s more like pro’s and con.  The only thing to complain about when being the world’s largest snake is missing all the attention when the shop closes up and the lights go down.  On the other hand, majority of my “awake” time is spent during open hours, so I’m constantly being visited with.  I LOVE it when all my fans and friends come by to take pictures with me, and then go home and share them on my Facebook page.  Makes me feel all warm inside ^O^!  However, I can’t say I don’t go wild over newcomers; they always make me feel like a wicked cool snake with their screams of initial fright and gasps of choked up air. =P  Hee Hee!  Can I tell you guys a secret? Sometimes…. When I hear the mom’s whisper, “Is it real?”… I wait for them to creep up to the glass….and BOOM!  I twitch a scale or two and send them running!  Muuahahahaha!  A Girl’s gotta have her fun ^O^


While we are on that note, YES, I am a GIRL.  Most people that come in for the first time fail to read my info card and assume I’m a male.  Sorry to disappoint everyone, but all 370+lbs and 23 feet of me is all female.  Sound too big to be true?  You’re not the first, trust me on this.  It’s hard for a lot of people to believe a snake can be that big, but I’m living proof.  No need to fret though,   I am a total sweetheart!  I’ve got a lot of growing up to do, being only about 8 years old, but I’d like to think I have a great temperament, especially for such a big reticulated python.  Heck, just last year I was able to come out and make a special appearance for my good friend Mike McConnell’s birthday.  I’ve even been on T.V. and all kinds of other cool stuff!  I’ve got my own custom cage here at The Reptile Zoo, built just for me and my needs, it even has a pool/Jacuzzi for me to soak in!! 

EVERYONE was there for Mike's Birthday!  Look at Frank try to steal the attention ;P

Just keep swimming....

Ahh, the life of the world’s biggest python couldn’t get any better!  I’ve got great friends like Frank and George, my Prehistoric Pets family and the luxury of being adored by all!  Well everyone, I’m going to go nom on a yummy rabbit now before they think I’m not hungry.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing some time with Twinkie!



OH YEAH!  Don't forget to Like my fanpage on Facebook!  You can share pix and stories of us on my wall too =D


TWINKIE: World's Largest Python Facebook

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Pixie Power!

“Croak … croooak ….      CROAK!” 

Did anybody else hear that?  I could have sworn I heard the croaking of a Bullfrog.  Hmmm…

“Croak.  Croak.  Croooak.”

There it is again!  I must solve the mystery of the croaking in the shadows. O.o …  FOUND IT!  Guess what it is?  That’s right; it’s our Prehistoric Pet of the week!  We FINALLY have in stock some baby African Bullfrogs, or “Pixies” for short.  Calling all amphibian lovers, get em’ while their young! Lol.  These cute little frogs are available for you to take home today and don’t worry, we have ALL the goodies you need to set up a palace for your Pixie and make sure you know the proper ways to care for your new pet!  Now, before you scroll about 2 inches more and see the “Awwwwe So CUUUTE!” photos of our available Pixies, let us inform you, much like our children, these frogs won’t stay that small and cute.  =P  Did your eyebrow just raise?  Ok… Let me explain. 

African Bullfrogs, Pixie Frogs, is one of the largest frogs in South Africa measuring at an average of almost 10 inches! So don't underestimate them when you see the cute little babies for sale.  Pixies prefer to live in open grasslands and can be found in puddles. When the dry season arrives, the Pixie burrows underground using his strong hind legs and sort of hibernates while he lives off the fat he stored from previous meals.   What’s on the Pixie Meal menu you might ask?  This giant frog eats anything it can fit into its mouth such as insects of various kinds, fish, mice, reptiles and sometimes other frogs! Bleh, YUCKY!   The frogs can even survive for several months in dry soil by absorbing water stored in the bladder. 

Usually, the hippity hop of our froggy friends would be something to “Awwee” at but in this case, not so much.  The Pixie frog has been known to jump at things it knows as a threat and the male bullfrog will also aggressively defend his eggs if an animal or a human should approach.  Think you can handle a Pixie bite? Just a little ol’ frog you say?  Well, Pixies actually has quite sharp teeth and can lay down a pretty serious bite.  However, despite their “aggressive” nature when threatened or in the wild, Pixies make fun and unique additions to any amphibian’s paradise!  Squishy and soft, these Pixie frogs won’t be here long, so make sure you stop by prehistoric Pets and take home your frogger today!




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A Moment with Frank

Hey guys, Frank here.  I’m going to be taking over the blog today, hope you guys don’t mind.  The life of a Disney TV star isn’t as easy as it’s all cracked up to be.  My life started here at Prehistoric Pets and the staff and loyal customers have become my family.  Stomping my 7ft long body around the store has gotten me quite a reputation too.  Whether the store is slow or busy, I can hear people asking for “that big lizard that walks around the shop” or “Mr.Kipling” which is my newly acquired stage name.  Can’t say I don’t like all the attention ;D! 

When I’m not making appearances around the shop, I’m hanging out with all my fellow reptile friends and family.  I make sure to take a couple rounds through the lower half of the shop to say hello to everyone and have them pass along “hellos” to the upper half I’m not as fortunate to reach. =P  Maybe you have met some of my good friends like Twinkie, Thelma and Louise, Darth Gator and George? 

This is my favorite picture of Twinkie, George and I

Live too far to have met me in person?  Well then I’m sure you watch me on the set of Disney’s new hit show “Jesse” or the Webisodes on Prehistoric Pets YouTube channel.  My Prehistoric Pets family makes sure I am made available for all to enjoy what a sweet and social monitor I am.  Speaking of Prehistoric Pets, they are reason you and your loved ones are able to enjoy my company.  The staff took time and effort to hands on train, tame and love me making me one of the most social water monitors around!  Yeah….I’m bragging… what about it? =P Just kidding!   

What’s your favorite time of the day? Morning, noon or night time? Mine’s LUNCH time lol!  Boy do I love it when someone feeds me my favorite Chicken, or when a certain someone walks by with a tasty rat treat for me! Hee hee heeee!  Well…. That and my aerobics time.  When someone scoops me up and slides me into the pond out front, Oooh I feel cool!  I use my strong tail to propel me around the pond and sometimes my friends the red eared sliders will take refuge on my back and hang ten, or twenty as I cruise about. 

All Aboard the Frank train!  Toot Toot!

For those of you who are fans of the show “Jesse” maybe you’ve seen me picked up and carted off my Jules Sylvester, host of specials on The Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel.  He takes me down to the studio and set where I shoot my spots in the show.  I can be out of the shop anywhere from a day to a week depending on what the studio needs me for.  But nothing beats the fun I have at the shop with all my family and friends!  Every time I leave I miss my pond, my rock and most of all the staff.  All in all I live a pretty good life down here in Fountain Valley, CA and I’m grateful.  Don’t be shy, stop by The Reptile Zoo and say Hi, or you can come Like my Fanpage on Facebook and talk to me every day!

Jules Sylvester and Sivash M stop by for a quick photo with me beforew Jules and I head out to the studio.

My new friends and I on the set of the Disney hit show, "Jesse"


^O^……….Frank ;D

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Happy St. Patty's Day!

HAPPY ST.PATTYS DAY EVERYONE!!  Hope you all are rockin’ some kind of green today, of course about 75% of the reptile here are ready for St. Patrick’s Day all year long. =P  Some zoo guests thought their lack of green attire would eventually result in a “karma” bite, or as we know them, snake pinch ;P.  Fortunately (for some) there was NO snake or even lizard bites, but PLENTY of “accidental” poopies!  The animals must have had too many Shamrock shakes in celebration because BOY did they POO! =P

How did you celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day?  Did you pick a special outfit to coordinate your green or were you like me and threw on a simple green accessory?  Either way, it seems like the rain couldn’t ruin this year’s St. Patty’s day, No way Jose!  In fact, it seems as though the rain brought us MORE visitors since everyone and their mother pretty much hate staying in on a cold rainy Saturday.  So why not spend the whole day in a heated building petting cool animals and seeing one of a kind reptiles?! 

Throughout the day I asked several visitors to take pictures with their animals, our animals or just of their crazy cool St. Patrick’s Day outfits.  I think the reptiles really enjoyed celebrating with all of us, they seemed just as excited and amped as the kids that held them.  Check out some of the silly pix I managed to capture around the shop and have a fun, fantastic and SAFE St. Patrick’s Day!

Tara and her Shamrock Tree Frog ;P

These guys had the right idea ;D

Share your St. Patrick's day photos with us on our Facebook!  We'd love to see what kind of cool and funny outifts you guys came up with. =D




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