Rojo Poquito!

Argentina produces a very curious little creature called a Tegu. If you haven't seen, or even heard of these lizards, you are definitely missing out! They are WAY cool.

There are also different types, from different South American countries...but MY favorite by far is the Argentine RED Tegu. They are one of the most unique lizards I have ever seen...and ever the crowd pleaser. They are primarily carnivorous, and can grow over 4 feet long! But the most interesting thing about them is probably their enormous jowls. Their huge cheeks set them apart in the lizard kingdom, that's for sure.

They can be very tame, if handled frequently and properly. We have two Red Tegus in our Zoo...Big Red and Little Red...and they LOVE attention! We often bring them out to the handling area so guests can get the rare opportunity to pet and hold these CrAzY CrItTeRs! I snapped some pics this morning of some guests enjoying Little Red's company and how adorably SWEET he is...I even got in on the action...his cuteness is hard to resist!

Liam with Little Red, and little brother Aiden with Buddy the Ball Python

Jordan is Pretty in Pink with her new friend!

Luke being brave for Jack, who tried to work up the nerve to hold the Tegu :-D

Jack got a bit I decided to help him color a picture instead. We found a dino, similar to our monitor Frank, and made him look (a little), like him!

Thanks Jack! And thank you to all my fellow Tegu-lovers! See you again soon!!

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