The A team!

So we have made even more changes here at the Reptile Zoo to help everything run smoother than ever before!  We have divided our staff into leads and teams, sorta, anyways we are always on a mission to make this place the best place ever and we all hope the leads and the teams will be beneficial!  Congrats to Juliette, Greg, Tim Nishio, and Craig!  Each one of them has a special skill set that puts them ahead of the other staff here!  Their guidance, experience, and strong leadership qualities put them at the top of the heap here and we are proud of their accomplishments!  Good job guys!  Way to go!

Here are a few pics of Juliette and Greg.  Juliette is doing something I bet you guys never even thought needed to be done, she is using the magnetic fishing pole to find all the tongs that kids accidently drop into the pond in the front while they are feeding the red-eared sliders!!!!  If you haven't ever been here to feed the turtles then you don't know that it's ever so exciting when they swim up to eat their worms that sometimes you can't help but drop your tongs in the water!!!!!  And someone's gotta get them out of the pond!  Just another example of how Juliette continues to work super hard to make this the best place ever!

Congrats Congrats!

Much love!


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