Just in Time!

Last night, we got a HUGE shipment of new animals! We got several things for the zoo, and even some to sell on our retail side!! SO exciting.

For the zoo, we got two GORGEOUS Emerald Tree Boas...Just look at this amazing color!!

We also have a new set-up of Green Vine Snakes....these guys are so crazy!

But of course...since we are doing SO much to get ready for Black Friday, we just HAD to get some new animals to sell. DUH...

We have cleared out those three large cages in the back of our retail area, and we are finishing up cementing, painting, and building a brand new area for MORE sale items!

Here are some pics:

Speaking of Black Friday...Jay has just decided to extend the same rules from our online store to "in-store" as well! This means you can come IN to Prehistoric Pets and make an offer on the animal of your dreams! YAY!!

So what are some of our new additions? Well...

To start off...we have a big group of new Green Anoles and Long Tail Grass Lizards:

Looking for the perfect Christmas Present for your young child? These male Green Tree Frogs are the COOLEST! Come hear them CROOOAAK!

Here is something that I think is WAY cool....Collared Lizards....How adorable is this??

LOVE them...

So make sure you stop by Prehistoric Pets for Black Friday...no disclosing prices yet, but I assure you that we won't let you down.

Remember, we can hold your animal for 30 days after you pay 50%...so get those Christmas Wish Lists finished!

These animals want to come home with you this holiday!!

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Fiesty Little Buggers


Our newest addition to the vast array of exotic critters for sale is the Halloween Moon Crab!

These guys are known by other names, such as the Red Land Crab and the Whitespot Crab, but their Halloween alias is PERFECT for this time of year!!

They are found in mangroves, sand dunes, and rainforests along the Pacific Coast from Mexico down to Peru, as well as the Gulf of Mexico.  The body can reach a width of 5 centimeters, and they are super colorful...

These crabs commonly have an almost entirely black-purple carapace (body), a large pair of purplish claws, reddish-orange legs, orange-maroon spots behind the eyes, as well as whitish spots on their central-lower carapace.

Plus, they are pretty feisty for their size.  They won't hesitate to pinch, as most crabs do...but if you are looking for a fantastic addition to your aquarium, or just an interesting new pet...these guys are the way to go.  They are SO cool looking!!


Come check them out!    (2 in stock / $29.99)



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What's NEW at the Zoo??

I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE.....

Working here, we see some CRAZY things come and go, and its awesome when they are bright and colorful. As of right now, we have a very cool array of different Iguanas! Iguanas are naturally shy and skittish creatures (especially when young) so it was hard to snap pics, but I got a few good ones. They are a little high-maintenance, but if you know how to care for them they can be tamed down quite a bit. Most of them are part of the Zoo as permanent pets, but we do have a few for sale! (shown at bottom)

Part of the Zoo:

We have GREENS varying in size and shade:

We have everyone's favorite, Sonny, the Albino Green Iguana...who is a beautiful pale yellow all over.

There is a gorgeous RED (who is also pretty feisty!)

We even have TWO of the dark, but super fascinating, Rhinoceros Iguanas

But, BRAND NEW to the Zoo are two babies, who are a stunning BLUE!! Come check them out!

So, I bet now you guys are wondering what we have FOR SALE!

Some beautiful REDS:

Babies: ($89.99)

Adult: ($149.99)

An awesome, not-so-common, gorgeous, young CUBAN Iguana! ($399.99)

PLUS, we can order almost anything that we don't have but you want! So call, email, or just stop by to see what we have, ask questions, and even take home one of these colorful beauties!


See you soon!

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