Ring around the Rosy, Pocket full of MONEY!

It’s a warm sunny Friday and the shop seems a buzz with cheerful herps and herpers alike.  Beyond the hustle bustle of Tim tending to the Retics, Mike and Craig feeding snakes or Mandy’s loud and proud customer service, you can take a trip down the various isles of herps we carry alongside the crazy awesome deals on starter kits and complete set-ups!   We’ve got plenty of stock and deals for all your reptile needs; from accessories and equipment, to Herps and their feed, we’ve got a broad list of options.

One deal in particular that’s proving to be a more and more popular choice is the Rose Hair Tarantula and a complete set up!  That’s right, we have had such a positive response to all our previous deals and sales…. We decided to keep it rollin’!  Interested in owning your very own Arachnid?  Check out THIS deal…

Prehistoric Pets is offering an amazing deal on Rose Hair Tarantula with a complete set up kit.  This package includes the Tarantula and Exo-Terra Habitat Kit.  Sound like something’s missing?  Well, youre right.  YOU are missing!  Hee Hee, This Habitat Kit includes EVERYTHING you need to properly care for and set up your new Invertebrate.  The kit itself provides a small glass terrarium, all necessary décor, rock terrarium background, Compact hood lighting system WITH bulb, substrate, water dish, hide, thermometer, hygrometer and MORE!!!  Talk about money in your pocket!!  With this incredible deal, you save OVER $25 which leaves plenty of room for purchasing neat “extras” or even an informative publication on your new pet.

Don’t forget, Rose Hair Tarantulas make one of the best beginner T’s for any new Herper and a great addition to any experienced Herp collection. 

All of us here at Prehistoric Pets are eager to send you home with a cool new Herp to call your own and we are more than happy to answer your questions and find you the perfect Herp for your home.  So don’t be shy and feel free to stop in or call us for any information.



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This Weeks Deal: Chilean Rose Hair

Hey there Arachnid fans!  This week’s Super Deal is all about our fuzzy fluffy friends, the U.S. pet trade favorite Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula!  Yes, these are pretty basic tarantulas when scouting out your first breed, but that’s just what makes them so special!!

This tarantula has an assorted menu including grass hoppers, crickets, cockroaches and mealworms.  When tarantulas are kept as pets, the best food that can be provided for them are crickets that have been gut loaded on vegetables, this is the best source of hydrated nutrition for the tarantula.  Despite their easy diets, Rose Hairs are quite docile, low maintenance, and inexpensive to own and care for.  Does your Rosy look like it’s doing some kind of super cool kung-fu ninja moves in his tank?  Well as cool as THAT would be, it’s because they are usually skittish, running away from danger rather than acting defensively, but they may also raise their front legs and show their fangs in order to defend themselves.  But it doesn’t stop there!  They also have pinkish colored urticating hairs on their abdomen that they may kick off in their defense, if these hairs were to attach themselves to you, you would experience considerable discomfort for a few days.  Nothing too worrisome of course, but definitely not something to take lightly when first handling your tarantula.  

Already drooling for your first one?  Well you’re in luck!  As mentioned, this week’s deal is on our Rose Hair Tarantulas WITH a starter kit!!! O.O !!!  That’s right, save $$ and come check out the special offer we have for you, complete with Cage, substrate, water dish, hide, publication on your pet AND your TARANTULA of course!  Take advantage of this money saving deal before we are sold out!



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My Red Rump brings all the Herpers to the store!...

Usually “butt” gawking is considered rude and offensive, BUTT not in this case. ;P  Why not?  Well, today we happen to be talking about the magnificent Mexican Red-Rump Tarantula, a.k.a. Brachypelma vagans.  Sufficed to say their evident “Red Rump” is the cause to their name and initial butt gazing.  Trust me, it’s much prettier and less weird than it sounds =P.

Mike McConnell always snapping the good pix!  They're Buds :)

The Mexican red Rump tarantula is a large jet black spider with vibrant red hairs on its abdomen.  Although little is known about the biology of the ‘Vagans’, as is with most tarantulas, adult females are normally 5- 7.5 cm in body length, with a leg span up to 13 cm. Adult males are slightly shorter with a much smaller abdomen. Woot for the Ladies! =P 

Vibrant example of the "red rump"

Unlike our typical house spiders that we fear plan mutiny against us home owners, Mexican red-rumps are nocturnal predators, feeding on ground-dwelling insects, arachnids, crustaceans and more. (Small unruly children are a treat at times ;P ).  Just like the common Chilean Rose Hair tarantula, it has irritating bristle hairs on its abdomen used as a defense against other predators. Fortunatley, these critters require properly kept burrows, far from our plain sight. 

These massive beauties of the wild are considered aggressive and quite speedy, so BE CAUTIOUS when handling.  Luckily, this species has not been reported to possess a bite serious to people, PHEW!  Winning again, the ladies are long-lived, potentially reaching 15 years of age.  They can be purchased as pets, and feed commercially on crickets and cockroaches.  Make sure to do PLENTY of research before making such a decision.  There are tons of species to be chosen from, everyone with it’s own special “nitch”.  Stop on in Prehistoric Pets and check out our selection!




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Hey there everybody!

I've come to the conclusion that everybody needs to own at least one tarantula. They don't make noise, they won't stink up a room, and they don't need a cage big enough that you have to ask yourself if you realllllly need a bed, or if a bean bag in the corner will suffice. (We've all been there, don't pretend you haven't). Here at Prehistoric Pets/ Jurassic Parties/ The Reptile Zoo, our holiday cheer and deal-giving days are in full swing. You can come into our store and leave with your very own Rose Hair Tarantula, and everything you need to care for it!

This means that for the incredibly awesome price of $99.99, you get the tarantula, the cage, bedding, a small heat pad, a hide, a water dish, and a book all about your taranutula and it's other fluffy, 8-legged friends. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that everybody should pack up the family, drive out to the nearest desert and wrangle up some arachnids, but this particular kind makes an awesome pet.

Rose Hair Tarantulas (Grammastola Rosea) are probably the most popular pet tarantula in the industry. They get to be a decent size, but not so big that you have to lock up the family Chihuahua when you leave the room, they're super friendly and handleable (with adult supervision, of course!) and they live a pretty darn long time (females commonly live 15-20 years, possibly longer).


So if you love the creepy-crawlies as much as I do, or if you think Fluffy would be the perfect addition the family, come on in! She's right up on the front counter, waiting for a loving family to take her home.

Later Gator!

Mandysaurus Rex

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Fashion Trending!

I really like high fashion and somethings just lend themselves to art and pop culture here at the Reptile Zoo!  If I could do an animal/people fashio show here I would in a sec!  So many beautiful animal and people colors come through the door here!  When they do I try to catch them and put them together!  I took these photos that are a bit non specific but I think they are so cool!  I hope you guys enjoy them as well!  So remember when you come to visit, show us your best style and maybe you can be a part of this as well!  Would love to see you all soon!




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