Thelma and Louise have moved!

Where did they go you may ask? Well, they have gone straight down the hall and to the back to accompany some other reptiles for awhile.

Come say hi whenever you get a chance!

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Herper Question of the Week


Many of you ask:  "Why do you cut snake eggs open, instead of letting them hatch on their own?"



Here at Prehistoric, we cut our eggs after the first one in the clutch starts to pip.  This means that the snake is far enough along to start to break out of the egg, and has already made a tiny hole.  It is safe for the snakes because they are, themselves, trying to hatch at that time.



The reason we cut them, instead of letting them hatch themselves is because occasionally a snake will not be able to break its shell, and will drown in the fluids.  Opening them ourselves ensures the highest number of surviving hatchlings.  The fact that it shows us what morphs we have is just a bonus.   :-)



Please continue to ask questions, we are always here to get you the best information possible.  Call, email, stop by, or post on our Facebook pages and we will do our best to answer promptly.  Thanks everyone!




18822 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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Where, oh where, has everyone gone??

Don't worry, we still have a steady stream of customers and guests...and animals...but where have our employees gone??

There is A LOT going on right now, and some of our key players are out on a mission!

For starters...Sam is running around like CRAZY trying to get a shipment of snakes ready for the airport.  They are headed to a very excited buyer.  :-D   There is a lot of paperwork though, and a lot of preparations...



Garrett, our go-to reptile retail guy, is on his way to the UK right NOW.  He's headed to Germany for the annual Snake Day Convention.  This is a big-time show, for ALL of Europe...thousands of people attend every year, even from all around the world!  Events like this allow us to get our name out there, and bring in LOTS of information about suppliers, other retailers, breeders, and potential buyers.




Also, our very own fearless leader, trying to make his way to Chicago, for the NARBC in Tinley.  There has been a bit of trouble with the flights...but he's working on it.  The NARBC here in Anaheim was AWESOME this year, and there were SO many again, a fantastic way to get our name out there even more!




So, those of us who are left here are holding down the fort, and keeping everything running very smoothly.  We are still working on our Alligator enclosure, and even a new Caiman Lizard enclosure.  They are going to be so awesome.  Keep checking back for more updates!



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Reptile Zoo Visitor of the Month!!

Congrats to Jake Beck!

This super awesome kid is our Zoo Guest of the Month...about time too, since he has been visiting us almost EVERY Tuesday and Friday for a whole year!! Jake is 8 years old, and loves to visit the hands-on area of the zoo...he will spend ALL his time there, holding reptiles and teaching kids about animals. He actually said his favorite part of coming to the zoo is getting the chance to help the other children with the animals, teach them cool facts, and let them know they don't need to be afraid.

Jake likes to play with his friends in his spare time, and wants to be a COP when he grows up, how cool!! He is home-schooled, so he gets to visit us even during the school year. He knows SO much about this place that when customers have questions...he answers them before I can! I asked him what his favorite animal in the whole shop is, and he said the California King changed from when we shot the video (below). So, I'm sure he will have a NEW favorite again soon!

So if you come in on a Tuesday or Friday, you will probably see Jake, showing our guests how beautiful and interesting these creatures can be! Here are some pics of him in action throughout his days here, and even a video interview!

Thanks Jake! See you soon!

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Reptile Petting Zoo?


Sundays are always good to spend with family....and what better way to bring everyone together than to hold some snakes??

Here at The Reptile Zoo, guests can enjoy the awesome experience of holding and touching ball pythons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, bearded dragons, and possibly more.  On most days, we have our store pet monitor, Frank, roaming around so kids can pet him and take pictures with him.

A lot of fears are overcome in our "petting zoo"...we enjoy showing our guests that reptiles are beautiful and interesting creatures, and many are actually very tame.  The kids love learning about the animals, and then they come back and teach other kids the interesting facts they learned.  Personally, I love the educational aspect, but the kids keep me entertained as well.....they say "the darndest things".

(Bringing an Asian Water Monitor into a presentation:   "OH MY GOSH!   Its a Commando Dragon!!")

(A very common question about the snakes:   "Where do they poop from?")

(About the BIG Burmese Python:    "Can that eat my sister?  She's mean to me.")

They keep a smile on my face, haha.  It's a great thing to love your job.  Here are some pics from today...lots of kids enjoying holding awesome creatures that they can't hold just ANYWHERE! 

See you next time!!


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Cinco De Mayo

Hey Guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  This colorful celebration comes to us from Mexico, so I thought today I would share with you all some of the beautiful animals that Mexico shares with us here at The Reptile Zoo.  From Emerald Swifts to Beaded Lizards, Mexico has given us some wonderful reptilian gifts and for that, we thank you!  So get a sombrero, and put that seista off until a little later today and enjoy the photos of these beautiful and exotic creatures!

much love


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Avery Saves a Turtle!

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this amazing wildlife rescue video! sorry my voice is so loud, i really need to face the mic the other way! xo.............Savannah


Video Link


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Youth Expo!!!!

Come Check us out at the Youth Expo!

We will be there with all of your favorite friends from The Reptile Zoo!

Make sure you get a picture with a gigantic python wrapped around your shoulders too!

Can't wait to see you!


much love!




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Jurassic Fact of the Week!

Ok, we have another new addition to our information line-up....Jurassic Fact of the Week. Each week we will be posting info on a party animal, a party presenter, or maybe just a party itself. Our goal is to get more information out on how totally completely super awesome our parties are! So, our first fact is about one of our presenters...the cunning Kayla!

Kayla's Fact:

(speaking about her presentations)

"I'm big on education, so I like to bring a boa, a python, and a colubrid. I ask for 3 volunteers, and have each kid hold a snake, then teach them the differences between the families."

How cool! Kayla, keep up the awesome work!
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Jay in the UK

Here is an update on Jay's journey across the pond...

10 minutes in and he's already had his first snake encounter!


finally in the UK!!!

check back soon for more exciting action from Jay's trip!
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