Frequent Visitors

Here at The Reptile Zoo we adore the familiar faces that enjoy weekly visits to see, hold, and learn about our awesome animals.  Today I saw little 4-year-old Jaclyn...who just LOVES to hold our sweet ball pythons and leopard geckos.  Her dad says she is even getting a Red-tail Boa for her 5th birthday!  I think that's awesome to be a herper that early.  She's so brave and very gentle with all the animals.    :)

Thanks Jaclyn!  Hope to see you again soon!






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Kids on Snakes

Hey guys! We are starting to make some videos of just kids and the things they think about and what they have to say about snakes! Make sure you bring you kiddies by to make their own video soon! We love it when everyone is a part of all we are doing to increase awareness about all of our beautiful reptilian friends! much love xo..............Savannah


Video Link


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Look who's in the NEWS again!

Hey Guys!

Jay just got interviewed for yet another "media entity" that wanted to know all about retics and retic breeding!  More details to follow.............

Please stand by for even more great things! (somethings in the works we just can't tell you about yet!)


Much love

xo................................. Savannah

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How are all your new pets?

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to check and see how all your new pets are doing!  It's 2 days after Christmas and I'm sure everyone has finally settled down and I just wanted to know how all the animals are doing?  Remember they are living things and should be treated as such!  With lots of TLC!!!!!  Please do not cast them aside like the remote control car you got or the video game you have already won!

Are you taking good care of them? 

Feeding them everyday? 

Making sure they have fresh water and a clean cage? 

If they need UVB are you providing it? 

Are you snuggling with them? 

Keeping them warm? 

If the need calcium are you providing it?

Make sure you take good care of all the new animals that you have at home!  We love each and everyone of the little guys that left our store before Christmas!  If you have any questions about them please call us or bring them by!  We want you and your pet to grow and live together happily and no question is a dumb question!  We will be happy to answer them all!  You can even email your questions to us!



We look forward to hearing from you all! 

Send us pictures!  Tell us how good everything is going!  Show us how big they get!  A pet from Prehistoric Pets is a lifetime investment and we enjoy being a part of you and your pet's life!

much love


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A weekend of Fun!

Here's hoping everyone had a really fun weekend with families and loved ones and friends and pets!  I wanted to share with you all the fun we had here as well!  If you didn't get to make it by we hope to see you soon!  If you were here, maybe you are in one of the pictures below?  or maybe you will be in one of the pictures next time you visit?????  Make sure when you come to the Reptile Zoo you stop by the photo booth and say hi to me (I'm Savannah) and I will try and get some cool pics of you too!

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Where the fun is on Black Friday!

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Aloha Hawaii

Jurassic Parties are the most fun thing we do here!  We love every one of them and they are all different and exciting!  Skylar came all the way from Hawaii to have his Jurassic party right here in Fountain Valley California!  Skylar and all his friends had a super fun time roaming around the Reptile Zoo asking lots of questions, holding lots of animals, feeding some and playing with others!  Thanks for sharing this milestone in your life with us Skylar, and thanks even more for flying all the way across the ocean to do it!  We had at great time and we hope you did as well!  Can't wait to see you next year!

Much love!


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A Reptile Lover's Living Room!

Hey Guys!

Thanks for the pics you are sending regarding the fan pic of the day!  This one took a whole blog!  We reptile lovers are way different from normal people in that we are, well, just a little bit cooler.... (that is only my opinion...disclaimer)  Anyways, thanks so much to Erin who has her entire living room/den/family room set up for her beautiful pets to live in!  If you have some great pics please send them to me at

maybe your reptile family will be the next big thing!!!!

much love and thanks again Erin!  Your set up is soooooooooooooooooooo cool!




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While you guys were at the Reptile Show.... here's what we were doing!!!!

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Dark Secrets of Prehistoric Pets!

So, as you all know, we at Prehistoric Pets are quite crazy as far as breeding Reticulated Pythons goes. We have taken the breeding process and nailed it down to a science. Well, just when you thought we couldn't get any crazier, our very own mad scientists themselves, Jay and Tim, have pushed the crazy to the limit! They were in here, late at night, snooping around for Mommy and Daddy Retics doing the deed!!!! Who does that?! I'll tell you who, guys who are passionate about what they do! Here is a little peek at what they found.....


Video Link


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