This Weeks Deal: Chilean Rose Hair

Hey there Arachnid fans!  This week’s Super Deal is all about our fuzzy fluffy friends, the U.S. pet trade favorite Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula!  Yes, these are pretty basic tarantulas when scouting out your first breed, but that’s just what makes them so special!!

This tarantula has an assorted menu including grass hoppers, crickets, cockroaches and mealworms.  When tarantulas are kept as pets, the best food that can be provided for them are crickets that have been gut loaded on vegetables, this is the best source of hydrated nutrition for the tarantula.  Despite their easy diets, Rose Hairs are quite docile, low maintenance, and inexpensive to own and care for.  Does your Rosy look like it’s doing some kind of super cool kung-fu ninja moves in his tank?  Well as cool as THAT would be, it’s because they are usually skittish, running away from danger rather than acting defensively, but they may also raise their front legs and show their fangs in order to defend themselves.  But it doesn’t stop there!  They also have pinkish colored urticating hairs on their abdomen that they may kick off in their defense, if these hairs were to attach themselves to you, you would experience considerable discomfort for a few days.  Nothing too worrisome of course, but definitely not something to take lightly when first handling your tarantula.  

Already drooling for your first one?  Well you’re in luck!  As mentioned, this week’s deal is on our Rose Hair Tarantulas WITH a starter kit!!! O.O !!!  That’s right, save $$ and come check out the special offer we have for you, complete with Cage, substrate, water dish, hide, publication on your pet AND your TARANTULA of course!  Take advantage of this money saving deal before we are sold out!



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This Weeks Deal: Juvi Albino Corn Snakes!

Most commonly known as a Corn Snake, the red rat snake has slithered its way into our hearts and our homes.  In a totally Non-threatening kinda way of course! ;-P  Becoming one of the most popular choices for beginner snakes alongside the ball python, Corn snakes have made a solid name for themselves with their docile nature, moderate size and beautiful colors.  Unfortunately their silly name wasn’t given to them because of their love for popcorn or corn on the cob, but instead, the name "corn snake" is a holdover from when farmers kept harvested ears of corn in a wood frame and rodents came to eat the corn, and corn snakes came to feed on the rodents.  Pretty gnarly circle of life huh? 

After many generations of selective breeding, domesticated corn snakes are found in a wide variety of different colors and patterns, about 45 generics to guesstimate.  Here at Prehistoric Pets, we have just about every general color morph you could ask for.  You have options for separate snakes or for breeding groups depending on what morph you’re looking to own. Luckily for all soon to be corn snake owners, we are hosting a GREAT deal on ALL our Juvi Albino Corn Snakes WITH starter kits!  That’s right, come in this week, save $61 and walk out with your corn snake AND everything you need to house him all in ONE quick and easy stop.  Included in the package is your snake, 20gal long glass enclosure, UTH, Thermometer, 8qt Aspen, water bowl, hide and admission into our infamous Reptile Zoo!  If you thought it couldn’t get better…for an additional $85 you can UPGRADE your enclosure to the 33x16x16” Critter Condo!  O.O !

33x16x16 Critter Condo

Not too sure if corn snakes are right for you?  Worried the internet won’t have all the info you need to care for your new pet?  WE have the answers for YOU!  Pick up one of our outstanding publications on your special pet along with your kit and follow us on Facebook, Reptile Zoo Blog and Youtube for educational videos and posts.  Here is a short video clip on the corn snakes for sale and a little bit about their temperament.  Enjoy!

Hurry in while supplies last!


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Deal Of The Week: Whites Tree Frogs!

A man asks the waiter, "Do you serve frogs in this restaurant?"   Waiter replies, "Of course we do, Sir."   Then the man takes a frog out of his pocket and says, "Good, my frog wants some soup!" BBAAH HAHAHAHA!!!  Okay, okay, I’ll knock off the nonsensicalness and get back to the subject at hand, FROGGIES!!  Yup, that goofy smile that just spread across your face is the reason why your favorite amphibians are this week’s HOT DEAL!!! We’ve got some cutie-patootie Whites Tree Frogs on special WITH a starter kit purchase.

Starter Kit: Includes EVERYTHING you need! (YES even the Frog!)

Easy to maintain and handle, these perfect beginner and expert level pets are hopping right off the shelves and into their new cozy homes.  Our amazing money saving deal on the starter kit set includes: Cage, Thermometer, Water Bowl, Branch, Vine, Bark and even FREE admission to The Reptile Zoo for a day!  No wonder why we can’t keep these in stock very long, THAT’S a DEAL!  Whether you’re buying your child a new pet or surprising your Valentine, it’s a sure win. ;)

Look at their cute little faces!!!

Don’t forget to pick up a tub of crickets when you pick out your new squishy friend and check out our selection of books on these special creatures to learn more about care and handling.  Of course we have a plethora of extra accessories and features for your frog habitat if you’re interested in “spicing” up your froggy flat!  Visit the store today and see what we have in store BEFORE were all sold out!!  =)

Every week we will be posting blogs exclusive to our new deals on pets and accessories, so make sure to keep updated with new posts, it’ll save you lots of CHA-CHING! =P.  Happy Days!


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