They Take Their House Whereever They Go....

This week let's feature an animal that is ALWAYS a big hit with kids and parents alike. They go to every party, they mow your lawn for you, and you can even feed them lettuce here at the shop....Sulcatta Tortoises!

We have several different sizes, and almost all of them are for sale. We recently acquired two groups of hatchlings, and they are adorable! At hatching, Sulcatta Tortoises (AKA African Spur-Thigh Tortoises) are just bigger than a golf ball. However, these little cuties can reach upwards of 200 lbs! Also…make room on your wills folks because you will be passing them down to your grandchildren, as they most often live between 120 and 150 years!

Originating in the deserts and savannas of Africa, these popular tortoises love to roam your backyard in the warm sunshine. You can start them in an aquarium like most reptiles, but when they reach about the size of soccer ball lots of owners prefer them outside. As long as you have some sort of enclosure (dog house, crate, etc.) with a heat lamp (for those chilly California nights), and a fence to keep them IN and potential predatory animals OUT, they are perfectly happy. But REMEMBER, they like to dig, and can very well dig under fences, so prepare for that with concrete or deep fencing.

Even as hatchlings, Sulcattas have a very hefty appetite, and will easily munch down lots of leafy greens, carrots, squash…even some melon! Just make sure to sprinkle plenty of calcium on whatever you feed them to prevent harmful diseases and pyramiding. Here at Prehistoric Pets we have the supplies and the knowledge to get you started on a very memorable new pet. Come check them out!

Babies are for educational purposes only ($149.99) until they reach over 4"
Medium Sulcattas $399.99
Large Sulcattas $999.99

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A Tidalwave of Tortoises

If you are looking for a cool pet...outside the norm of cats and dogs...quieter than birds...slower than rabbits and hamsters...and not quiet as intimidating as a lizard or snake...

Look no further than a TORTOISE! These awesome reptiles make for an exotic, but quite easy, new pet. Great with kids, pretty low-maintenance (for a reptile), and totally vegetarian! You can't miss!

Here at Prehistoric Pets, we just received a couple new groups of Sulcatta hatchlings! They are the cutest little guys...barely bigger than a golfball when they first hatch. One group is still a bit too small to sell...but the other is ready to go, at $149.99 each. Sulcatta Tortoises (AKA African Spur-thigh) can grow to be 150 years old, and 200 pounds! They love leafy greens, carrots, squash, and WATERMELON (among other fruits and veggies....but NO citrus). As long as they get some calcium powder on their food, and daytime in the sun (or UVB) with plenty of heat, they are very happy pets.

Where's Waldo??

At about 10 years old, they are usually big enough to be long as they have a pen, and animals can't get to them (coyotes). But remember, they like to dig! Some folks even have little doghouse-type enclosures for the tortoises to crawl into (with heat) when they are cold or stressed...good idea. Kids love them, because they are different, but not scary. We have larger tortoises as well, ranging from the grapefruit-size juvenile ($249.99), all the way up to the 100-pounders (females $999.99). Prices vary.

However, since these guys DO grow to be pretty huge, you may want to try something that stays pretty small. We have two Russian Tortoises left...they are pretty popular as well because they usually grow no larger than a head of lettuce. So, if you are looking for something a bit smaller, come in for one (at $159.99) before they are gone!

Remember, you can always call or email us with your questions!

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