Open Day at The Reptile Room 2012

What a weekend! We had so much fun meeting everyone at The Reptile Room for their open house. We'll write more about it later but we wanted to share some of the great photos taken by visitors to the event!

If you're in Europe and you missed your chance to meet Jay of check out the Prehistoric Pets stock available through The Reptile Room you still have a chance. This weekend the team will be at Terraristika in Hamm, Germany and next weekend you can find them at Exotic Forum just outside Madrid, Spain where Jay will be a featured speaker with Mark O'Shea!

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REPTILES Magazine at The Reptile Zoo


A couple months ago we got the call from REPTILES magazine offering us the opportunity to partner on a upcoming project, of course we responded with YES! REPTILES magazine and are industry leaders as a high quality resource for all info reptile related. We were excited to learn Reptiles was looking to launch a video care series for first time reptile owners and wanted Jay, founder of Prehistoric Inc. to share his knowledge on the some of the most common starter pets. This seemed like the perfect fit; here at Prehistoric one of our main goals of our organization is to improve reptile awareness and proper care through responsible reptile ownership.



With some discussion on what animals to start the series Jay and REPTILES/ editor Russ Case decided on the Bearded Dragon, Sulcatta Tortoise, Blue Tongue Skink, Frilled Dragon, as well as Jay’s specialties the Reticulated Python and Asian Water Monitor. The plan was to provide the basic details for each of these animals covering questions like: Where in the wild does the species originally come from? How big does it get? How long does it typically live in captivity? What kind of substrate is good to use? and What does it eat? Along with these facts we also used the opportunity of film to show samples of the animals in a yearling and adult size, as well as suggested products.



After all the planning we were finally ready to film. Last Monday editor Russ Case, web editor John Virata and the filming crew Shawn and Paul arrived at The Reptile Zoo ready to for a day filled with reptiles, cameras, and loads of great information on reptile care. Guests to The Reptile Zoo had the opportunity to act as the live audience watching the interaction and personalities of Jay and Russ develop through the informal interview format of the videos. Set behind Gator Island, the newest addition to The Reptile Zoo, the surroundings proved an easy distraction during filming with Prehistoric’s signature Sulfur Water Monitor breeding project in action and Frank the Asian Water Monitor currently featured on Disney Channel’s JESSIE walking in and out of the shots.



Just when the crew thought filming was done for the day, Reticulated Python breeding specialist, Tim O’Reilly invited the REPTILES team to watch the unveiling of the newest clutch of eggs. The offer was too good to refuse so the team moved the set into the incubator room where every snake produced by Prehistoric Pets is incubated and assisted in hatching and almost every one of these hatchings is filmed for viewers around the world to enjoy on our popular YouTube channel, PrehistoricPetsTV.


Video Link



At the end of the day Jay had to head out to start on his next project, but the REPTILES crew stuck around just a bit longer to capture some b-roll footage of the animals on a white backdrop to insert into the completed videos.



It was a great day at The Reptile Zoo with the REPTILES crew and we are anxious to see the final product which is set to launch on and our YouTube channel in the coming months.



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It's Friday, Friday.....

Ok, so my co-workers would smack me if they heard me sing that.....come to think of it, I might smack myself. Anywho! Its a busy Friday here at the Reptile Zoo, as we wind down 2011 in style! Only a day and a half left until 2012, people! And what a crazy year its been here at Prehistoric Pets. New animals, new people, and (finally!) our Alligator Enclosure!!! True, we waited a long time for this, but boy was it worth the wait. Not only do we have our new alligatot (who, by the way, still needs a name. We want your vote! You only have until Sunday!), but we also have a pretty handsome male Sulfur Water Monitor in the other side. As is a tradition here at The Reptile Zoo, we are constantly changing and updating even our fanciest enclosures to make them even prettier :) The reptile business is all about looks, and their cages are no exceptions! Check out some pictures of our busy zoo and the Sulfur Monitor loving his new pad.

Here's Nick, getting ready to go do Syndey and Madison's Birthday!

Here are some of our lovely and excited guests early waiting for their turn to hold a gecko at the photo booth

And here are some shots of our newly decorated Sulfur Monitor enclosure!


Enjoy these last couple of days of 2011, and come on in soon if you wanna ring in the new year with a new pet!


Later Gator!

Mandysaurus Rex

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One Day Left

Everything is happening here at the Reptile Zoo. More animals for sale out front at Prehistoric Pets and lots of work being done to get ready for the opening of the Rattlesnake exhibit tomorrow. Everyone's really excited to show off the animals. Make sure to come on down and see some really cool animals.
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Bumblebee is Godzilla

Hey guys!

Our very (my very) favorite sulfur monitor Bumblebee stars in his very own, 1st time ever, amazing video here at The Reptile Zoo!  He worked so very hard to hone his acting skills and he finally made to the big time!  Enjoy and please please let me know what you think!

much love




Video Link


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BumbleBee v. Starscream

Hey Guys!

WE have 2 beautiful sulfur monitors here at The Reptile Zoo, well actually we have many more but we have 2 VIP monitors here and one is named BumbleBee ad one is named Starscream.  Now you might ask yourself if Jay is a big Transformer fan and the answer to that is no, at least I've never heard him talk about Transformers and he didnt' dress as Optimus Prime for halloween or anything so I'm guessing he's not into Transformers.  We, however, the staff here at The Reptile Zoo are kinda fans of the Transformers, especially the Dino-bots.... because they were the most awesome ever!

So we named this one monitor BumbleBee because he's sweet and nice and polite and pretty and friendly with the kids and never ever tries to bite us like Starscream does!  Starscream wants us all dead at all times, but he is an amazing breeder and BumbleBee is well, he's not so good at such things, he gets distracted very easily and has a hard time keeping on task.

We love them both!  They are such beauties, if you haven't had the chance to come by and see them yet, please make sure you do!  Until then here are some classic photos of Transformers and Monitors! (and Dinobots)

much love






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BumbleBee's Backyard Adventure!

Hey guys!

I've missed you all very much!  I will admit I've missed my lizards and snakes more, but then again, I get to play with them all day and I only get to write to you all, but we are all still besties!   I like to try and keep you guys all up to date on the goings on around here and I havent been here for a few days but I hear there is video circulating within the store of a gigantic retic clutch that was pulled yesterday!  Of course there are no stills because I'm mostly the only still photographer left here, everyone else has joined the video movement, but I'm hoping the footage will surface sometime today so I can share it with you all!

In the meantime.......... here's what I've learned.

Bumblebee is my very favorite monitor in the shop, you probably already know that because he is in most of the photos I post and I use him for all of my Jurassic Parties.  Well it came to pass that the other day I decided to take him on an adventure outside in the bright California sun and into the bushes to let him play and do what monitors normally do in the wild, hunt, hide, stalk, you kow, the usual....  Little did I know how dangerous our adventure would become.  Within moments of his return to nature, his eyes started to look a little crazy and he started behaving strangely.  I thought at first he was playing with me but, well, you guys can probably guess where this story is going...  he started to hide from me at first, running faster than I have ever seen him move, and then when I stopped moving, he swelled up really big and started to hunt me!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He opened his mouth, showed me his teeth, whipped me with his tail several times and went absolutley crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought it was kinda cute at first until I tried to pick him up and that became a struggle and usually he just sits on my hip like any red-neck momma with her baby. 

I finally got him back into the shop and thought he had calmed down and I tried to give him a delicious chicken heart snack, out of the palm of my hand, aaaaaaaaaaaand he tried to bite my thumb off.  Soooooooo, that being said, BumbleBee is no longer allowed to play with the kiddies or any other humans except me for that matter until he readjusts to perfect Prehistoric Pets behavior.  I am working with him this morning and he seems fine but he still has that odd crazy look in his eyes and he doesnt quite walk with the same lackadaisical swagger he had before.  Lets all pray fro BumbleBee to get his swagger back, and soon!

I miss him and so do the kids, it will take work but I know we can do it!

Much Love




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World's First Captive Bred Sulfur Monitor!


Check this out!  We have successfully hatched the very first ever sulfur monitor in captivity!  It took 3 generations of captive breeding to produce this lizard!  He has the color of a sulfur but will have the body shape and adult size of the giant malayan races!  We are so excited to see him grow and change and become an adult!  Check out these pictures!  AMAZING!!!!!!

and PS.......... we are still waiting for more to hatch!

Happy Birthday little guy!  There's a Jurassic Party coming your way soon!

Good job Jay & Tim!

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