The Bravery

Hey Guys!

It's a rainy Tuesday morning here in southern California but it is exciting inside the Reptile Zoo!~  Bubbles is, let's say, one of our more aggressive, biting and whipping tail type sulphur monitors.  He usually plays alone because he is happier that way aaaaaaaaaaand, so are we.  So today Bubbles had to be moved into a larger home because he is growing like a weed due to his voracious appetite, and who better to move the most aggressive monitor in the shop but the new guy, Vincent.  Greg went with him to supervise, hahahah, and it took a bit longer than it takes to move most monitors around here because Bubbles is a crazy monster but Vincent got the job done!  Good job Vincent!  We are happy to have you as a new part of our awesome team of reptile handlers!    Bubbles and all of us appreciate your contributions to the care and upkeep of the Reptile Zoo!

Here is the story in pictures!

much love!


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