Surprise Clutch!!! Always a treat for our guests....


We came in to work this morning and found something we always LOVE to find...a surprise clutch of eggs!  A male Brindle het Albino Retic and a female Normal het Albino Retic decided to get together and surprise us with babies!  So we are very excited for the cool things that are sure to come from it.  Hopefully some of those cool Brindle genes will pull through!

A few of our guests were lucky enough to be visiting when Jay pulled the clutch.  They got front row seats for the "show" and even got to touch the eggs after they were pulled.  How cool!  Check out the awesome action....









Never a dull day down at The Reptile Zoo....

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Sam is in the ceiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get so excited when crazy things happen around here!!!!  Like today Sam had to go into the ceiling to work on a project for our brand new media room, but no one knew he was going up there!!!  So all of a sudden the noise starts coming out of the ceiling, and all the kids in the Reptile Zoo start asking, "what's in the ceiling?????"  and the noise gets louder and louder and then everybody screams and Sam comes falling thru the roof into Twinkie's Cage and of course, Twinkie being as startled as any gigantic snake would, freaked out and wrapped Sam up and if you have never tried to save a person from a gigantic snake before!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not really though........  the story would have been way better if that happened, but he really just changed some lighting and came back down..... but the it was a super amazing story for a sec right???


haha... much love!  Savannah

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