Tim Nishio the Party Star!

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday to you all!  Tim Nishio did the best Jurassic Party ever today, you can always learn alot from the old school party presenters!  They even give the scientific names for all the animals they show!  The kids, of course had a super fun time and there were screams and squeals of delight throughout!  I love Sundays when the parties go on forever and the kids are having fun!  Smiles are abundant!  Enjoy these few photos I was able to snap during the excitement!

much love!


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My Anaconda Don't want none unless..................

Unless she's hungry and luck for us, she wasnt hungry today!  And we all got to hold and play with her!  Even the guy that won our Facebook game contest got in on the action!  He got an in store tour, behind the scenes tour, and his very own photo with our awesomely impressive anaconda!  Soooooooooooooo, what that means to you all is, get in on the contests!  The prizes are once in a lifetime and definately worth it! 

Much love!


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Tim Nishio

Tim Nishio is one of everyone's favorite employees here at The Reptile Zoo, mostly because of his amazing customer service, that and his reptile knowledge is so vast and expansive!  Tim Nishio is a martial arts expert in his off time studying the fine arts of Kay-rah-tay and Tai-kwan-doh and Billy Blanks Tai-Bo videos.  Tim likes to use really big words that you don't understand so as to baffle and impress you.... hahahahahahahaha

Just kidding, Tim is awesome, he does Ju-jitsu and has like 10 kids, he's smart, so I have to pick on him... that's what dumb people do! 

Tim teaches us a lot of important and not so important information, he loves reptiles and even invented his own mite spray! (patent pending)

I try to keep being serious with this, but everytime I start i can't... but mostly that's what Tim does, he brings out the best in all of us!

We love you Tim!  Thanks for all you do!

much love


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