Training Day!!


Good Evening Herpers!

Today we expanded our staff and had a little "reptile bootcamp".  Four awesome new hires joined our crew today and got stuffed to bursting with information and procedures.  They are very excited though, and will definitely be assets to our team and create even more awesome party experiences for all of you!!

Personal blogs are soon to come, but here's a pic from "training day"...Clint, Daniel, Nick, and Shannon!

Great job guys...I had a blast today!


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Parallel Thinking (between me & my monitor)

Here’s what I think in the morning when I get to work versus what Bumble Bee (our very precious sulphur monitor) thinks in the morning when I get to work, an inner dialogue so to speak…. 


Me—Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I get to see, my sulphur monitor this morning!  I missed him sooooooooooooo.

Him—OMG!  Not the loud thing, please not the loud thing.

Me—Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Bumblebee, who’s a good boy???

Him—It’s the loud thing, maybe she brought a food.

Me—Come give me a big hug!

Him—Hmmmmmm, I don’t smell a food, better investigate!

Me—Awwwwww, he loves me! 

Him—Well, I’m close enough now, and I still don’t smell food, curses, foiled again!

Me—Come here baby!  Let’s go play!

Him—Geeeeeez, I knew I got too close, now she’s picking me up like she does every day, and she squeezes me, and I have to wriggle around and try to climb up her head until she puts me down, and then she will give me a food.

Me—Are you hungry good boy?

Him—Of course.





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