Hey Guys!

Anybody ever seen the movie Tremors?  Well, when we relocated the sand boas in the shop I was not too pleased because I thought... (past tense) they were pretty boring and I like alot of excitement!  But, Imagine my suprize when I got to feed them!  It was totally like Tremors!  There are 8 of them in the habitat and at any given time you can see none of them!!!  Only swirls and sand circles and movement underneath the ground.  It almost looks as if nothing is in there at all!  Until you feed them!!!!  I can place one food item in the middle of the cage and watch them slither underneath the sand like a shark under a surfer and then Bam!!!!!  out of nowhere they pop out of the sand underneath their food and attack it!  It is the most awesome thing I have ever seen!  Sometimes if I'm not careful they suprize me so much it makes me scream! It has definatley become one of our favorite times of the day!  It's like watching tremors but for real!  I'm going to try and get Jay to make a video next time!  You guys would love it!  I'm the meanwhile, here are a few pics of what they look like!  Enjoy!

much love!


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