Big News for TWINKIE!

When we announced on Twitter and Facebook TWINKIE had big news our fans were quick to guess exactly what was up. TWINKIE has found LOVE and is PREGNANT... well technically gravid, but we couldn't be more excited for her.

We have always been hesitant to allow TWINKIE to breed in case there were any complications in childbirth, but over the past two years we have noticed a steady change in her personality, food cycle, and activity. We cautiously kept watch of these changes hoping she would be able to overcome them without intervention.

Although few would guess it on TWINKIE's normal diet she is offered a medium sized meal every other week, but during this period she has had little to no appetite. Eating a small meal once every couple months. We also noticed she was frequently going into a shedding cycle, which is uncommon for an animal who is not undergowing a large growth spurt. After 2 years of observing this combination, plus her lack of interest in her surroundings when knew it was time to step in. We tried minor changes in late 2012, but with no success. When February came around we knew what just might make all the difference in the world.


LOVE! TWINKIE was looking for love! She has always gotten plenty of attention from her adoring fans here at The Reptile Zoo, but as a mature lady she was ready to form a romantic relationship with someone just like her. Although she reached her sexual maturity many years earlier we had never provided an opportunity to breed. As such a unique specimen our staff was fearful the risks outweighed her natural desire to reproduce. But when we saw the negative impacts this decision caused both emotional and physical we carefully considered the best plan of action and began to find a suitable mate in early February.

After their first introduction we knew this was the right decision, because the two immediately started to breed. Just like humans this does not always guarantee offspring, but appropriately on Valentines Day our experts where able to determine that she is in fact GRAVID! Which means in about 3 months TWINKIE will be the proud mother of 40-70 baby Reticulated Pythons.

Want to meet dad, learn about his family, or even find out what special characteristics the new babies could have? I'm sure you have these questions and more, but we will have to wait to answer these in another blog. We'll be keeping you up to date on how TWINKIE is doing, what comes next, and any other questions you send us both here on The Reptile Zoo Blog and on TWINKIE's official fan page

Until next time. Love is in the Air!

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What exactly does it mean to be “Prehistoric”?  Does it just mean Dinosaurs and our child-like imaginative view on what ‘must have been’?  Here at Prehistoric Pets/The Reptile Zoo/Jurassic Parties, we deal with the study, sales and educating of our Prehistoric cousins and artifacts they left behind.  It goes beyond the simple array of cages enclosing our ‘reptilious’ friends and digs a much deeper meaning, literally!  Many of you who have visited the shop have seen and asked about our vast selection of fossils for sale and on display.  Luckily for ALL of us (=P) we are submitting weekly blogs covering the different types of fossils you can come see, buy and even give as gifts! 

How do we acquire such priceless gifts of nature from around the world?  Owner Jay Brewer is already at his SECOND visit this week to  The Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase that is happening throughout Tucson, Arizona.  He liked it so much the first time he had to go back to get even more goodies. The first time he came back with the cute heart themed fossils just in time forValentines Day and who knows what he will come back with this time. O.o .  So, 'What is considered a Fossil?'  A "Fossil", directly translating to "having been dug up", are the preserved remains of animals , plants, and other organisms from the remote past.  Sounds odd I know, but these items are ones of beauty and history, linking us to a past we could never grasp in these modern times. 

One of the most popular fossils in stock for gifts, home decor or personal collection is the Morrocan Ammonite.  Similar to a squid or octopus, these predatory marine mollusks died out with the dinosaurs close to some 65 million years ago.  Despite their gap in history between then in now, these fossil shells lasted on earth for 330 million years and are found in most countries around the world!  Here at Prehistoric Pets, we carry a wide variety of shapes and sizes of these beautiful relics.  Here are a few snap shots of some available Ammonite fossils...

From Small...

To Medium...

To Large and EXTRA Large!

The larger options ranging from (apparently) the size of my HEAD AND BIGGER!!! Imagine the EXTRA large?!

Curious to see what else is in stock?  Well, stop in the shop and  keep updated on all of The Reptile Zoo's daily blogs, we will be featuring new fossils as well as already available fossils in stock.  DONT FORGET Valentines Day is coming around and TRUST we have plenty of Fossil Valentine gifts for your special someone! 


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