Visitors from Tokyo, Japan!

Calling all Herpers of the world!

Looking for a cool new place to plan for your next vacation?  Why not plan a Reptile Zoo tour!!  Whether you stop by just to check it out and snap a few photos, meet Frank, or check out Twinkie the largest snake in the world, we have a massive selection of animals to scope out and even PET! 

Today we had a special guest, Kyohet of HerpLife magazine, visiting from Tokyo, Japan.  Thanks to owner Jay Brewer and snake charmer Tim O'Reilly, shutterbug Kyohet was kindly offered an opportunity to snap some extra special photos of our variety of reptile friends.  Jay spent time with our visitors informing them on different facets of the company, quick FAQ's on popular animals, and informed them on some of the new happenings around the shop, like Frank being a new Disney TV star!

Tim O'Reilly, Kyohet, Kyohet's friend, and Jay Brewer holding a beautiful Ultra Ivory =D

Jay shows Kyohet a special tub

  Sometimes the typical "walk-thru photo shoot" just isn't enough for our reptile enthusiasts.  If this sounds like you, we have the answer to your predicament!  We now have REPTILE ZOO TOURS!  For one hour, you get a extra special presentation, just like the Jurassic Parties.  Pretty sweet right?  Have a one of a kind hands on reptile experience and learn about all different types of snakes, arachnids, amphibians and MORE!  Check out our website @ for more info on booking your party TODAY!

Thank You Kyohet of HerpLife magazine for your visit and we send our reptilian love back with you to Japan!

Happy Herping to all our Herpers around the WORLD!  Make Prehistoic Pets a for sure stop on your next vacation!

Best Wishes from your American friends!


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Anthony and his "dog" Bane


Many herpers come in to buy new pets from us, but we especially LOVE when they come back to show us how well they are doing!

Anthony Nguyen, bought a gorgeous black throat monitor from us about 3 months ago, and it is already twice the size it was!  He named him Bane, and he loves to take him for walks on a harness...drawing much attention I'm sure.  Bane gets a healthy diet of chicken and rats...which you can tell from his nice round belly.  Here are a couple pics from their visit today.  Thanks Anthony, and we are so glad that Bane found such a loving home!!


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Worldwide Visitors!!

Today we had some awesome guests come visit us, all the way from Bangkok, Thailand!  Jade and Ken Vanichvirulh and their family had a blast getting up close and personal with tons of reptiles, even our very own Twinkie!  This is a vacation they will never forget.

We also had fellow reptile-lover Tyler Shanley, from Las Vegas.  He was thrilled with our vast collection of snakes.  "Very cool."

Thank you everyone for visiting The Reptile Zoo, and have a safe trip back home!


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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mandy!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know about an exciting thing that happened in our shop!  Besides the car crashing into the printing shop next door, and the new baby ball pythons hatching that have yet to be seen for the first time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the brand new first ever captive born sulfur monitors, we had a visit from a couple of the members of Avenged Sevenfold! 

Mandy pointed them out to us and I thought she was going to have a heart attack!  She was so excited to meet and talk with them and they were super sweet, and you know, you just gotta love Mandy!  She is not here as much as some of our other employees but she makes up for that with hard work and dedication.  Mandy's smile brightens up the whole place when she is here and she does some of the most fun Jurassic Parties ever!  I still can't even believe it when she picks up a 100+ pound tortoise and doesn't even flinch!

When M. Shadows (Matt ) and Synyster Gates (Brian) came in yesterday Mandy was busy selling a new customer an asian water monitor, and doing it in sign language!  I didn't even realize Mandy knew how to sign but she got the job done and the customer walked away happy with her new pet.

Mandy is by far one of the most beloved employees here at Prehistoric Pets and makes everone's day better just by being here!  If you haven't had a chance to meet Mandy yet make sure you come by and do so!

Glad you got to hang with your favorite band yesterday Mandy!  We love you!



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Ian's First Clutch of Ball Python Eggs!

Ian Pulling a Ball Clutch!!!! Ian came down here all the way from Vermont to help out at the Zoo during the summer, and Learn all about the animals we have here. He's an awesome dude with a strong passion for reptiles. Shoot him a comment on here or our Facebook page!


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Visitors from Utah!

Nathan and jeniffer Take a road trip over to The Reptile Zoo all the way from Utah! I love it when we have people come by from out of town! Just shows that herptoculture is all over and this hobby is HERE TO STAY!


Video Link


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A Visit From Arizona To The Reptile Zoo!!!

Mike and Laura travel over to California to see all the crazy creepy crawleys The Reptile Zoo and Prehistoric Pets have to offer. They got a great tour from Garrett and got to see all the awesome animals we have in the back rooms! Laura is crazy aout Gecko's so I brought out our Giant New Caledonian Gecko for her to hold while checking out all the other cool stuff here! They had a Blast which totally made my day! COME BACK SOON GUYS!!!!


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A visit from the Outback in our backrooms!


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