Get Ready for 2012!!!

Herow Herpers!

It's another special addition blog just to bring you up to date on all the NEW critters in our Reptile Zoo and Prehistoric Pet shop!  Thats right, WE'VE GOT MORE!!  Curious?  Thought so.... Let's not waste any time and get straight to it!

NEW to the ZOO:

Black Tree Monitor!


Growing up to 35–47 inches in length, they inhabit the Aru Islands off New Guinea, adapting to and  living in areas highly populated with trees.  It's tail is particularly long, sometimesTWO-THIRDS of the overall body length, and is used to stabilize the animal in the branches while their feet sport large claws and adhesive sole to enhance their grip on branches.  Come check this little guy out ....whiles he's still little anyways ;P!


Tangerine Leopard Geckos!  On SALE $89.99 !!!O.O!!!

A beautiful color option to the already popular Leopard Geckos.


I feel these cool guys are the perfect middle ground for someone wanting a Iguana like lizard, but are not able to maintain the size and attention needed to care for such a large lizard.  They max out at about 2-3ft in length and are prone to eat mainly crickets, roaches and worms.  To make them even cooler, these little dudes love to SWIM!!!  That just makes them fun fun FUN!!  I know... I have them ^O^!



Need MORE??  I BET!!!  Stop by the shop ASAP before all the guys are swooped up and gone!!  TONS of Holiday deals on animals, starter kits and MORE!!  Gets your new pet NOW before the December ends and get 2012 off to a BOOMIN start!


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Let's Play the NAME Game!

Our locals, and CA visitors get the awesome chance to see our crazy collection of creatures...but for those of you who can't make it out to our zoo, how can we interact with you??

By playing the name game of course!! In this blog we have THREE cool, but nameless reptiles. That is just sad, right? So give us a hand from whereever you are on the planet, and help us name them!

First up, we have the absolutely gorgeous, MALE, Meller's Chameleon. Just look at those bright colors! He needs a good name to go with his unique look.

Next, there is a very handsome, MALE, Australian Water Dragon. He runs really funny, but we love his personality.

Last, but deeeeeeefinitely not least, is our BIG, beautiful, MALE, Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. His buddy Lucifer, is the super-cool Albino Diamondback...but this guy needs a name too!

So, give it a good think...and send your reptile name ideas to:

We will pick the best ones, and the new name tags will be made, along with a tag: "named by..."
So, make sure to include your OWN name (and hometown) as well so everyone will know where these boys got their awesome names!

Let the game begin!!

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Here are a few or more wonderful things we have for sale here.!  If you have any questions about any of this please contact Garrett at

He can answer all your questions about everything and if there is something you want that is not pictured, Garrett can get it for you!  Just email him a description of what animal you want with all the details, and Garrett will make sure you get it!  He even does the deliveries and the shipping and the handling himself!

He can do anything and he can't wait to hear from you!


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