Party Time!

Hello everyone! It's a bright beautiful day here at The Reptile Zoo, with another visit from a YMCA summer camp, "YMCA of the Foothills". They definitely went "Above and Beyond" (their current camp theme) with pound for pound of high energy, beaming smiles and quirky questions. On top of our summer camp visitors, there's a lot of loving team work among fellow herpers ensuring everyone gets a chance to have a hands on experience with so much hustle and bustle going throughout the store. We are so excited to see so many of you who have been awaiting the arrival of and visiting our new Alligator, Rattlesnake and Snapping Turtle displays! Soon the exhibit will be up and running and we will expect to see ALL of you in! Until then, Au revoir! First Time snake handlers! Bumblebee and YMCA of the Foothills Summer Camp Kids Checking Out our new American Alligators! Great team work and sharing kids! See You All Soon! ^O^....Priscilla
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Its fun to stay at the.....Y-M-C-A

First off...apologies for the internet troubles we have been having...we should be back up and running now.

So, this past week was even MORE full of kids than that possible? Why yes...yes, it is.

A rowdy, but super bright, HUGE, group of kids from the YMCA and their counselors joined us on Tuesday for lots of education and reptile fun. Each kid got to learn cool facts about (and even touch) many interesting reptiles during our presentation, and then explore The Zoo! It was a day to remember...even for the counselors, as many were fearful of snakes themselves! Here are some pics from Tuesday, almost packed in like sardines!

Thanks for coming everyone! We know the kids sure had a blast!


We have a new cutie for sale...its called a Cherry-head Red-footed Tortoise. Quite the interesting little fella, and only $179.99. Come check him out!


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