Name our gator!

Come to our zoo and be a part of naming our 5ft male alligator! You can win a 1 year passport to the reptile zoo, have your name on the name tag, and have a featured blog about your visit. The last time to enter will be New Years day and on the next day we will post the top five and vote on those names online and in store.



Our Gator wrangler Juliette really wants to name him Bowser, but it's up to you! Can you think of a better name?

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World's Only Redneck Boa

Okay, so it's not really a Boa but Mike seems to be spending alot of time in the cages, fixing them of course. Mike is responsible for all of the construction and improvements in The Reptile Zoo, he built Twinkie's cage, has done all the amazing rock work, and does any repairing of cages we need. He's been here for over a year and all the fixing still isn't done! He's done a great job at everything, if you see him around give him a high five or something for all his hard work :)

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