GUYS AND GALS if you haven't come down to the fair yet to get your picture taken with a big Granite Burm then you need to today because it's THE LAST DAY! We've got a bunch of animals to check out and we're tryin to break a record today for the most pictures taken for the entire fair. So come show your support of The Reptile Zoo by getting your picture taken. Apparently they're letting people in early because it was already bumping by 10:15 when I was still tryin to set up. DON'T MISS OUT!!!

Greg and Mandy REALLY wanting to take your picture! Or just being insane as usual.

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Celebrity Appearance

Today we had a celebrity grace us with his presence. If you don't know Charles Corona then get to know him because he's coming your way!

or at least he says so. But either way we definitely enjoyed his visit!

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Family Reunion Reptile Style

Today we had the priveledge of showing a whole family around the zoo. Thirteen family memebers total. Some of em' were even from out of state and one of em was having their birthday today. They got the full tour! They held Little Red the Red Tegu, Spalding the Ball Python, and even Bob the BIG Burmese Python. They were even in time to watch the Caiman Lizards eat! Heck, I had a lot of fun too! So long story short, if you've got family comin in from outta state or even just around the corner and want to make their visit REALLY special, come on down to The Reptile Zoo so you can take your picture with a constrictor too!

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