It's Gator namin' time!

Hey everybody!

It's that time! That's's time to NAME THAT GATOR!!!! Since the unveiling of our new Alligator exhibit in October, we've had a contest running to see who will get to name our 5-foot male American Alligator. We've gotten hundreds of submissions, and the competition has been TOUGH.

But! After a lot of consideration (and arguing among the very opinionated staff) we've narrowed it down to just 5. The winner of the contest will get a 1-year passport to The Reptile Zoo, a chance to come into the zoo and get a blog all about them, and their name on the Alligator's name tag, so everybody can see who won! So here are the choices:

1.Barnabee Jr.



4.Darth Gator

5.Gunther the Gator

Alright everybody, it's up to you! There will be a poll on our facebook page for the next 2 weeks, and we want your vote!!! After that the winner will be announced and our Gator will finally have a name! So Happy New Year and happy voting! And may the best name win!

Later Gator Namers!

Mandysaurus Rex



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It's Friday, Friday.....

Ok, so my co-workers would smack me if they heard me sing that.....come to think of it, I might smack myself. Anywho! Its a busy Friday here at the Reptile Zoo, as we wind down 2011 in style! Only a day and a half left until 2012, people! And what a crazy year its been here at Prehistoric Pets. New animals, new people, and (finally!) our Alligator Enclosure!!! True, we waited a long time for this, but boy was it worth the wait. Not only do we have our new alligatot (who, by the way, still needs a name. We want your vote! You only have until Sunday!), but we also have a pretty handsome male Sulfur Water Monitor in the other side. As is a tradition here at The Reptile Zoo, we are constantly changing and updating even our fanciest enclosures to make them even prettier :) The reptile business is all about looks, and their cages are no exceptions! Check out some pictures of our busy zoo and the Sulfur Monitor loving his new pad.

Here's Nick, getting ready to go do Syndey and Madison's Birthday!

Here are some of our lovely and excited guests early waiting for their turn to hold a gecko at the photo booth

And here are some shots of our newly decorated Sulfur Monitor enclosure!


Enjoy these last couple of days of 2011, and come on in soon if you wanna ring in the new year with a new pet!


Later Gator!

Mandysaurus Rex

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'Tis the day before Christmas.....

And all through the store, people are buying pets and supplies, lizards and more! They're coming to learn, to buy and to see, why snakes make are much cooler than a dog name Fifi. Our T.V. star Frank, in the holiday mood, looks like he'd rather be searching for food.

Our little T-Rex gets in on the spirit, though most people don't really want to go near it.

All of us here at the Reptile Zoo, love the animals we own and the ones you do too! So come one and come all to this place we call home, to buy a new friend or simply to roam. Our staff can be funny, sometimes kinda weird, but hey that's what happens when our lizards have beards!

So Merry Christmas to all, have you scales or fur, remember that snakes make better gifts than boring old Myrrh.

Merry Christmas everybody!

<3 Salmandy

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Hey there everybody!

I've come to the conclusion that everybody needs to own at least one tarantula. They don't make noise, they won't stink up a room, and they don't need a cage big enough that you have to ask yourself if you realllllly need a bed, or if a bean bag in the corner will suffice. (We've all been there, don't pretend you haven't). Here at Prehistoric Pets/ Jurassic Parties/ The Reptile Zoo, our holiday cheer and deal-giving days are in full swing. You can come into our store and leave with your very own Rose Hair Tarantula, and everything you need to care for it!

This means that for the incredibly awesome price of $99.99, you get the tarantula, the cage, bedding, a small heat pad, a hide, a water dish, and a book all about your taranutula and it's other fluffy, 8-legged friends. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that everybody should pack up the family, drive out to the nearest desert and wrangle up some arachnids, but this particular kind makes an awesome pet.

Rose Hair Tarantulas (Grammastola Rosea) are probably the most popular pet tarantula in the industry. They get to be a decent size, but not so big that you have to lock up the family Chihuahua when you leave the room, they're super friendly and handleable (with adult supervision, of course!) and they live a pretty darn long time (females commonly live 15-20 years, possibly longer).


So if you love the creepy-crawlies as much as I do, or if you think Fluffy would be the perfect addition the family, come on in! She's right up on the front counter, waiting for a loving family to take her home.

Later Gator!

Mandysaurus Rex

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No Vacancy at the new Crestie Condos!

Here at the Repile Zoo, we love making fancy new enclosures for our animals. First the Anacondaminium, then the Caiman Lizard enclosure, then the Alligator Exhibit....and now, the Crestie Condos!


We have several breeding pairs of Crested Geckos....a few Harlequins here, a Flame and a Dalmation here, a little bit of everything. We decided they might be a little more comfortable if they had their own private quarters, away from the prying eyes of their nosy lizard neighbors. Thus, the Crestie Condos were built.


Here's a close up of a few of the suites at the CC.



And it appears that the geckos are thrilled with their new enclosures....we pulled a few eggs out of the enclosures less than an hour ago!

So if you're looking for some helpful ideas on building your own luxury Crested Gecko Complex, come on in and check ours out! Who knows, maybe you'll get to see them pop out an egg or two....

Later Gator!

<3 Mandysaurus Rex


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Rambo's a stud!

If you follow our blog here at The Reptile Zoo, or if you've ever come in and talked to me about tegus, I'm sure you've seen or heard about Rambo. He is an Argentine Black Nose Tegu, and my favorite lizard in the store. Seeing as how he's just oh so pretty and is growing like a beast, we decided that in celebration of his rapidly approaching 3rd birthday it was time to breed him! Yay!!! This meant moving him into a HUUGE new cage, and bringing along a few Argentine females, Belle (far right)  and Darla (front and center).

If they do successfully breed (fingers crossed!) the incubation period can be anywhere from 45 to 60days, depending on the temperature of the incubator. The higher the temperature, the faster they hatch, and vice versa.

It'll be a couple of weeks before they're all settled down and used to living together, so let's all wish Rambo and his ladies some luck, and leave them to it!


Later Gator!

<3 Salamandy

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HE'S a jungle in here!

Come on in and meet our GORGEOUS  male Jungle Carpet Python.

These guys come from Australia, home to our other popular pets the Bearded Dragon and the Blue Tongue Skink. They get to be about 8 or 9 feet long, so they're not necessarily for everybody. But if you have a little bit of experience with snakes and have the room to house this semi-arboreal serpent, come on in and check him out. The price has dropped so he might not be here for long!

P.S. If you happen to be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, he would really complete your Game Day outfit!

Later Gator!

Mandysaurus Rex

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Feed me! Nevermind, I'll do it myself

Apparently, even being a Newport Beach native can be tough. Everybody knows that kingsnakes are given that name
(and separate cages) or their tendency to eat their own kind (how rude!). But what happens when a bored kingsnake is left all by his lonesome? Take a look!


Don't worry folks, shortly after this picture was taken, this hungry snake realized the error of his ways and released himself, much to his own relief. We love snakes here at the Reptile Zoo, but not necessarily for their smarts. Come on in and visit, but remember, its a dog-eat-dog, er, snake-eat-snake world out there. 

Later Gator!

-Mandysaurus Rex

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Come get your very own Boxter!

Ok, so we don't have actual Porsche Boxters for sale, but we do have Ornate Box Turtles! These cute little guys are super popular pets for the turtle lover who doesn't want to have to change smelly aquarium water every few days (and who could blame them?), or try and wrangle a tortoise that is a natural bulldozer, will weigh more than a large dog, and  outlive their owners.

These guys aren't picky eaters, and will take down pretty much anything you want to offer. Being omnivorous (which is mainly what classifies them as a turtle, instead of a tortoise even though they are terrestrial), they'll chow down on anything from superworms to berries to grasses to lettuce and everything in between!

Box Turtles range from the Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico and from Louisiana to Colorado, mainly in grassy plains, where they can find vegetation and insects galore! So if you're looking for a cute new shell-toting friend that won't stink up a tank full of water or destroy your backyard, an Ornate Box Turtle just might be the perfect friend for you! But you better hurry, we only have 4 and these cute little guys go fast! Come on in and check them out!

(4 in stock / $139.99 each)

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Say Cheese!!!

This morning was absolutely crazy! We were super busy here at the Reptile Zoo, and the store was packed. A large group of boys who are obviously future reptile enthusiasts came in to spend a day enjoying all the amazing animals to look at and interact with. While they were here, they spotted the owner, Jay, and asked him to take a picture with them. Always happy to oblige the requests of fellow reptile lovers, Jay happily posed with the LARGE group of kids, in addition to Hot Tamales, the Savannah Monitor, and Bob the Ball Python. Maybe next time you come in to Prehistoric Pets, you too can get a picture with Hot Tamales, Bob, Jay, or maybe all three like these kids were lucky enough to!



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