Whats for sale today?

We have a Kenyan Sand Boa starter kit for only $149.99!! yes I said starter kit, what a deal! hurry in to get your new sand boa at prehistoric pets, makes for a great gift! We have many other amazing deals around prehistoric pets during the Christmas season. Check it out!

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BLACK FRIDAY is coming to an end.

Today has been one of our longer days here at Prehistoric Pets, but it's not over yet! You would think after 12 hours the team here would be exhausted and grumpy, but today was filled with so many sales they haven't had a chance to get tired. One of us is even bringing home our own BLACK FRIDAY pet!

For our first every BLACK FRIDAY it's been a good day, but if you haven't sent in your deal requests to info@prehistoricpets.com you've still got a couple hours to get in on the deals!And if you have sent in a request, as you will see below, Garrett has been working absolutely non-stop since 6AM to get back to each and one of you. If he doesn't get a chance to respond tonight he will also be working at it all day tomorrow, as a wise fan said today "patience leads to success."


These are some of our 12 hour faces.






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BLACK FRIDAY has arrived!

And if you're not here you're missing out. Don't believe me? Check out how we do doorbusters at Prehistoric Pets!

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This will be our first Black Friday Sale and so far it's pretty secretive as to what this entails, but all I can say is... GET READY! Be sure to check back in the next week, we just might be leaking some deals.

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Waking up with cockroaches!

I am an anonymous Reptile Zoo employee wife, and I would just like to share a few of the wonderful and exciting things that I get to look forward to thanks to my really cute hubby and his crazy passion for reptiles!

One morning I got up early for work and I took a shower and when I came back out there was a cockroach laying on my side of the bed, dead, it seems I had slept on it through the night because I remember feeling something tickling my back, and now I know what it was. Not to mention one of my husband's prize gigantic Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches was missing!

I have come home on more than one occasion to find him letting his very favorite retic play with my toy poodle Pookie :(

He comes home smelling like boa musk and has bite marks all over him that I assume are from snakes?

He watches Reptile TV and googles lots of mating videos and that concerns me when he spends hours on the computer alone, in the dark.

I am pregnant but he only calls me gravid.

He fills the bath tub with Red Ackies and when I want to take a bubble bath it is often times full of shed.

He leaves the seat up.

A mouse ate the strap off my brand new Betsy Johnson heels.

There are worms in my fridge as well as dead mice and cricket pieces in my freezer.

Our water monitor eats steak and chicken while we settle for PB and J.

There are cages in every room lined up the walls stacked 5 high, and when I say every room, I mean 1 bedroom apt.

PS: He talks to his tegu in baby talk and kisses them more than he kisses me.

But all in all, I knew what I was getting myself into when I married him and I love him so much quirks and all. My life wouldn't be half as exciting 

without my husbands love of reptiles. To all those wives married to the same kind, hang in there...it gets better :)




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