Bow Chica Wow Wow!

Here are some shots of the stuff that goes on in the back rooms around here... bow chica bow wow...

April 2010, the first time crossing these morphs.

Here is our male albino super tiger sunfire locked up with our female supertiger sunfire het-albino. This breeding should produce the first SUPERNOVA! ! ! Which is an ALBINO SUPERTIGER SUPERSUNFIRE! By the way this is the name we made up... What do you guys think?


Tiger double het Albino Titanium looking pretty big after breeding our SunTiger double het Albino Titanium. nice ovulation, with possibilities of Albino Plutonium Sunfires... any name suggestions for another new morph?

Who's the daddy of this big lump? We hope it's this male- our Dwarf SunSelayer double het Genetic Stripe & Albino, or the Albino Genetic Stripe we had in there earlier. Either way, we are happy, since she's a Double het Genetic Stripe Albino, but we always like the possibility of new morphs... Albino SunStripe in this case.


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