Forget Jurassic Park... WE have the Real Deal!

Familiar with Steven Spielberg’s major hit movie “Jurassic Park”?  Well if you’re a fan of ours, I’m SURE you’ve seen the film that sparked the interest in Prehistoric creatures worldwide.  In the iconic film, many dinosaurs and scientific theories were shown and explained but many people were left curious about our ancient ancestors.  Fortunatley, we have a chunk of that history RIGHT HERE in Fountain Valley, CA at Prehistoric Pets/ The Reptile Zoo!  We house several types of unique fossils from all kinds of prehistoric beings and plants.  Today’s blog is focusing on the ever so favored, Velociraptor! 

Measuring at a whopping almost 7 feet in length, this mid sized hunter sported jaws lined with 26–28 widely spaced teeth on each side, each more strongly serrated on the back edge than the front.  Too add to their ferocious build, they also had a large “hands” with three strongly curved claws.  The second claw, for which Velociraptors are most famous, was highly modified and held off of the ground. The relatively large, sickle-shaped enlarged claw, which could be over 2.6 in long around its outer edge, was most likely a predatory device used to tear into prey and possibly deliver a fatal blow!  HOWEVER, the "raptors" portrayed in Jurassic Park were modeled after a larger relative, Deinonychus, so Velociraptors are actually quite smaller in size than depicted! 

This astounding creature dates back to be about 80-85 million years old and have been predominately found in the areas of Mongolia.  Velociraptors are believed to may have been able to run up to roughly 40 mph for short bursts and may have even hunted in packs!  Unlike other well-known fossils that have been discovered, about a dozen Velociraptor fossils have been found, including one ever so famous example that died in a battle to the death with Protoceratops!  Check it out!! >>>


Velociraptors had fairly large brains compared to other dinosaur species, which made them one of the most intelligent of the dinosaurs.  The study of dinosaur skulls reveals that the Velociraptor had excellent hearing, a powerful sense of smell, and binocular vision. That sounds like a pretty awesome dinosaur!   Most fossils and skeletons are held in world famous museums and sites BUT you can come to Prehistoric Pets/ The Reptile Zoo and check out Velociraptor EGGS we have on display!!  That’s right, Fossil EGGS that at one period in time, could have housed baby raptor hatchlings!  D’Awwweee!

Velociraptor Eggs

Don’t forget, we have MANY more fossils in stock for display and for sale.  Make sure to pick one up for someone special and give the unique gift of Prehistoric presents!


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Now A Word From Your Sponsors...

Prehistoric Pets has worked closely with schools, churches and programs of all sorts to bring fun and first time experiences to the lives of children in our community.  From hosting parties for schools and scouts, to sponsoring teams and kids in special programs, we have had years of experience with giving back to our young ones!  Just recently, Prehistoric Pets/ The Reptile Zoo/ Jurassic Parties decided to sponsor the Boys Varsity soccer team from Environmental Charter High School in Lawndale, CA and had them visit the shop and Zoo after their last CIF playoff game this week.

The Environmental Charter School (ECS) is a school unlike our traditional public schools; in fact, it’s a free public charter school that operates independent of a traditional school district.  “The mission of Environmental Charter High School is to inspire students to discover their own sense of purpose, to equip all students with the knowledge and skills to graduate from college and to empower them to become quality stewards of their community and world.” quotes the home site for ECS.  On top of their challenging programs, students are required to use concepts and skills learned in class to problem-solve local civic and environmental matters, and take action to make an impact.   ECS extends learning beyond the classroom walls as they complete community service, participate in service learning projects, join outdoor education field trips, and are encouraged to take internships.  This is just a few of the things that make ECS so wonderful and unique, visit their website for more information!

The boys came in and visited us for the first time just this past weekend; they got to meet Frank, Twinkie, Willy and many more as they cruised thru the Zoo corridors and stopped by the photo booth to hold some cool reptiles!  They were accompanied by their coach and our fellow staffer, Daniel Pask who has been coaching the almost 20 member team for the entire season.  Some of the boys were psyched to check out the animals in the zoo while a few were ducking under their friends for cover from the “scurry snakey-do”! hee hee =P.  Thanks to our sponsorship, the team was able to afford NEW home and away jerseys! Congrats guys!   Visit our homepage for info on how YOU can become part of the Prehistoric Pets team!

Daniel and the Boys Varisty Soccer team for ECHS pose with a Burmese Python and Sulcata tortoise

Congratulations on making it to CIF playoff’s boys and thank you for visiting our store!  We look forward to more involvement in future programs and events for our community. 



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What exactly does it mean to be “Prehistoric”?  Does it just mean Dinosaurs and our child-like imaginative view on what ‘must have been’?  Here at Prehistoric Pets/The Reptile Zoo/Jurassic Parties, we deal with the study, sales and educating of our Prehistoric cousins and artifacts they left behind.  It goes beyond the simple array of cages enclosing our ‘reptilious’ friends and digs a much deeper meaning, literally!  Many of you who have visited the shop have seen and asked about our vast selection of fossils for sale and on display.  Luckily for ALL of us (=P) we are submitting weekly blogs covering the different types of fossils you can come see, buy and even give as gifts! 

How do we acquire such priceless gifts of nature from around the world?  Owner Jay Brewer is already at his SECOND visit this week to  The Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase that is happening throughout Tucson, Arizona.  He liked it so much the first time he had to go back to get even more goodies. The first time he came back with the cute heart themed fossils just in time forValentines Day and who knows what he will come back with this time. O.o .  So, 'What is considered a Fossil?'  A "Fossil", directly translating to "having been dug up", are the preserved remains of animals , plants, and other organisms from the remote past.  Sounds odd I know, but these items are ones of beauty and history, linking us to a past we could never grasp in these modern times. 

One of the most popular fossils in stock for gifts, home decor or personal collection is the Morrocan Ammonite.  Similar to a squid or octopus, these predatory marine mollusks died out with the dinosaurs close to some 65 million years ago.  Despite their gap in history between then in now, these fossil shells lasted on earth for 330 million years and are found in most countries around the world!  Here at Prehistoric Pets, we carry a wide variety of shapes and sizes of these beautiful relics.  Here are a few snap shots of some available Ammonite fossils...

From Small...

To Medium...

To Large and EXTRA Large!

The larger options ranging from (apparently) the size of my HEAD AND BIGGER!!! Imagine the EXTRA large?!

Curious to see what else is in stock?  Well, stop in the shop and  keep updated on all of The Reptile Zoo's daily blogs, we will be featuring new fossils as well as already available fossils in stock.  DONT FORGET Valentines Day is coming around and TRUST we have plenty of Fossil Valentine gifts for your special someone! 


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Forbidden Love <z3

It’s a cold gloomy day outside with scattered rain clouds BUT it’s warm, toasty and FULL of life here at the shop!   There’s been a lot of controversy about this Python ban now in effect, and all of us here at Prehistoric Pets want to share the TRUTH with you about these loving creatures.  Despite the rumored ‘danger’ Burmese Pythons pose, our friendly “foes” are actually quite sweet and easy to care for if given proper homes and attention.  Let’s go deeper…

Any beginning Herper or reptile owner KNOWS that much careful, attentive handling is required to house a docile manageable pet.  Whether gecko, Beardie, Burm or Retic you should always want to properly and regularly handle your reptile to ensure a happy, comfortable home life for both you and yours.  Without such loving care, ANY animal would resume it’s natural position in nature’s circle of life, we see this common in even our household pets such as cats and dogs.  Quoting the National Geographic website on Burmese Pythons, they had this to state, “… [Burmese] a generally docile disposition may be best known as the large snake of choice among reptile owners. Unfortunately these … are often poorly cared for and are frequently released into the wild.” THAT right there people, is why our beloved Burmese pythons are now a Forbidden Love.  Inexperienced and untrained hands were given the ability to RUIN our passions by attempting to own such an exotic and precious pet and then releasing said pets into the wild untrained for survival in a normal, wild habitat.

These infamously solitary creatures have been starring as the “Grand Finale” guests for our kid’s birthday parties for years now and are always the favorite!  Burmese owners have said they’re snakes are, “sweethearts”, “love bugs” or “cuddle bugs”.  Here at Prehistoric Pets/ The Reptile Zoo, you can even hold and take pictures with one of our many Burms! =)  Of course, the shock factor always comes into play when seeing your first 12 foot python about to be wrapped gracefully around your lap but it has NEVER taken away from the beaming smiles, happy giggles and “AWWWEEESOOOME!” comments flooding in after the picture is snapped and the initial ‘shock’ has settled in.  I’ve never left a party without a child BEGGING me to ‘See the big snake again’ or ‘Can I take a picture with it too?’.

Humanity has always had a way of reaching out for more, for never letting an inexperienced hand slap away our dreams or of experiencing the unimaginable!  Why stop now?  Show YOUR support for our Python companions and say NO! to this atrocious attempt to steal away our hopes and dreams of sharing our love of the exotic with one another and SIGN THE PETITION to overturn this ban!  Friends and Herpers we all need to come together and FIGHT for our no legged, slithery friends! 

For more info on the Ban, our opinions and what YOU can do about it.... visit these links.

The Python Ban: Economic Effect

Official Petition to Overturn Python Ban

Jurassic Fact Of the Week: BURMESE PYTHONS! <3


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'Tis the day before Christmas.....

And all through the store, people are buying pets and supplies, lizards and more! They're coming to learn, to buy and to see, why snakes make are much cooler than a dog name Fifi. Our T.V. star Frank, in the holiday mood, looks like he'd rather be searching for food.

Our little T-Rex gets in on the spirit, though most people don't really want to go near it.

All of us here at the Reptile Zoo, love the animals we own and the ones you do too! So come one and come all to this place we call home, to buy a new friend or simply to roam. Our staff can be funny, sometimes kinda weird, but hey that's what happens when our lizards have beards!

So Merry Christmas to all, have you scales or fur, remember that snakes make better gifts than boring old Myrrh.

Merry Christmas everybody!

<3 Salmandy

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Indigo is the new Black

You don't have to be a herper to love a beautiful snake. We have lots of them, but one of my favorites is the Eastern Indigo Snake.

This snake is SO black that it received its name from the dark purplish iridescent sheen given off when in bright light. Indigo Snakes also commonly have an orange-colored throat, cheeks, and chin....shown here.

They inhabit flatwoods, glades, cane fields, and sandy hills of the Southeast, especially Florida and Georgia. Their preference for habitat changes with seasons. In the winter months you can find them in areas of sandy soil, while in the summer months they change to shady, drained creek bottoms.

We currently have TWO Eastern Indigo Snakes in The Reptile Zoo....and for all you Princess Bride lovers, we named them Inigo and Montoya. muahahahaha.

They aren't the friendliest of all our slithery creatures, that's for sure. However, our Inigo & Montoya are fairly gentle...when they have full bellies.

Come see them anytime...they are just gorgeous. The brightest "blue-black" you will ever see, with a cute little "burnt" chin. :-D

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Whats for sale today?

We have a Kenyan Sand Boa starter kit for only $149.99!! yes I said starter kit, what a deal! hurry in to get your new sand boa at prehistoric pets, makes for a great gift! We have many other amazing deals around prehistoric pets during the Christmas season. Check it out!

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Same old JFW.......but something NEW!!


Ok, Jurassic Fact of the Week time...the knowledge of champions, people.

So, I have said a little bit about becoming more teacher-friendly in our presentations.....well, we are going above and beyond!  I have the SoCal Public Schools Science Content Guidelines, and I personally have gone over each grade and created a list of necessary "add-ins" for the presenters to use in their talks.

If we book an educational presentation, I will email the teacher to find out what grade, and if there are any topics that need to be focused on.  That way, there are no worries as to the educational quality of the event that you book for your students. 

PLUS, I have been working on our own group of "worksheets" for each grade, that we can give to the teacher for after the presentation.  They are everything from coloring sheets of the reptiles we bring, all the way up to in depth anatomy of a certain animal.  We sometimes even do college or university we are getting prepared for everything from kindergarten on up!

We know children will take these home to their parents...its just another way of getting our name out there to make more of your events unforgettable!  We have SO many people come in and say they had NO idea about this we are going full steam with the effort to get the word out!  

We are Prehistoric Pets Inc.......hear us ROAR!

I am very excited about this...I love education...and to be able to say that we are fully in-line with your lesson plans is a great thing!  So, teachers of SoCal:  call, email, or stop by Prehistoric Pets today to book your JURASSIC PARTY!!  Its alllllways a hit with the kids!



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Westward Expansion!


Howdy!   We are movin out WEST ya'll!!

No, not into the ocean....or to China....but west of our building.  We just bought the space next door!


Many of you got the special experience of enjoying a FREE presentation in this very room during our Spooky Masquerade last month.  It was packed full and some very exotic creatures were shown...some that don't even go out to regular parties like alligators, gila monsters, & rattlesnakes!


So we are steadily making changes to that wing, and hopefully when we finish there will be a new area of the zoo!  Also, we are hoping to have a brand-new breeding area.  Its still up-in-the-air, but we are thinking a window too, for public view of clutches being pulled!!

What do YOU think we should add???  (tell us on Facebook!)


If you have been in and checked everything out, you are probably familiar with the three large cages in the pet shop area.  There are usually different things in them from time to time, but right now we have a Rhino Iguana, and a few retics.  They will soon find new homes and we will tear those cages out (maybe by Christmas!) to make room for even more retail!  Just another way we are moving towards being your go-to shop for everything reptile!!

See?  we hardly have enough room up front for our GROWING retail supply!  But don't worry, these animals will get NEW cages, maybe in our new wing!!  So excited....aren't you?

Keep checking back for more info...there's always something new happening here at Prehistoric Pets!



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Feed me! Nevermind, I'll do it myself

Apparently, even being a Newport Beach native can be tough. Everybody knows that kingsnakes are given that name
(and separate cages) or their tendency to eat their own kind (how rude!). But what happens when a bored kingsnake is left all by his lonesome? Take a look!


Don't worry folks, shortly after this picture was taken, this hungry snake realized the error of his ways and released himself, much to his own relief. We love snakes here at the Reptile Zoo, but not necessarily for their smarts. Come on in and visit, but remember, its a dog-eat-dog, er, snake-eat-snake world out there. 

Later Gator!

-Mandysaurus Rex

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