Jurassic Fact of the Week!


Wild Wednesday....we are going to feature TWO awesome facts this week! 

First, let's talk about the Deluxe Birthday package.  This is a GREAT deal...especially if you are looking for more hands-on time, and more photo opportunities.  The Deluxe package is a party at your location, starts at $325, and is based on mileage after 15 miles from our store.  The awesome things that you will get include an upgrade to 15-20 different animals, a 90-minute hands-on presentation (instead of just an hour), as well as a whole 30 minutes afterward for personalized photos with any of the animals brought (and more hands-on action).

This package has been growing in popularity and the reviews have been wonderful!  A very pleased customer every time!  So book yours today, get a quote on our website, or just call for more information!



Our SECOND fact of the week is a very cool animal that a lot of people don't expect. 

Always a hit, is Smurf, the Blue-Tongue Skink.  He is a snake-like lizard with a bright blue tongue.  Though a lot of kids guess it's because he ate too many blueberries...Smurf's tongue is so blue as a defense.  Like the popular poison dart frogs, they are telling predators that they might be venomous.  However, it's just a clever ruse...they are not venomous.

These cool critters are also little eating machines...they will eat almost anything.  From fruits and veggies, to crickets and catfood...Blue-Tongue Skinks are not picky eaters.  These guys come to all the parties, so keep an eye out for Smurf!

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