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This week, we are bringing you another new video...one of a gorgeous momma snake! She is a BIG beautiful Tiger Titanium retic that was bred to a Platinum het Titanium. Jay, Tim, and Mike discuss the physical attributes of the eggs, and how you can tell a "slug" (infertile egg) from a good egg.

Each clutch is its own genetics lesson...with complicated ratios and possible outcomes. This clutch was predicted to produce not only Tiger Titaniums and the coveted Platinum Titaniums ("Silver Surfers"), but also Tiger Titanium Platinums. Hmmmmmm....

Tiger Titanium Example:

After removing all of the eggs, Jay shows his technique for checking the snake for more eggs. This is his way of palpating (examining by touch) the mother to ensure nothing was missed and she can be fed.

So, these eggs have hatched now, and I heard that we received "some of the nicest" Silver Surfers that our guys have seen. If you are interested in seeing the "baby pictures" and possibly purchasing one of your own, just check out our website:

www.prehistoricpets.com (or the PP tab at the top)

and email garrett@jurassicparties.com for more information. They are awesome!!

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