2 Weeks Later...

The beautiful array of reptiles and more that reside here at Prehistoric Pets would do more than drop jaws.  Already well into my second week here, and I have come across more color variations and markings on species of Python than any of the ones I have previously scouted and owned.  I was astonished to see all the varied species kept at Prehistoric Pets in general; however majority of my interest has been focused on the Ball Pythons and Crested Geckos.  When it comes to the Python, I’m not very well educated on a lot of the different aspects of their personality and habits.  I’m picking up bits and pieces of information and tips from our staff, and it still feels like I haven’t even scratched the surface!  On the other hand, there’s Stickers, the cute little “marshmallow” like Crested Gecko.  Soft and compact, I sit this little guy up on my shoulder and watch him stick himself to my skin as he licks away the dry from his eyelid-less eyeballs.   Being born here in So Cal, I never got to handle many animals outside of your usual cat and dog, or even an iguana on a good day.   Every day I walk into work eager to find out what new animal or fun fact I will learn that day, which animal will poo on me (Stickers was my first!) or what brave little boy or girl will walk the plank of fear and dive off into Prehistoric Pet awesomeness!  Come visit The Reptile Zoo soon, Stickers and I will be waiting. =)

^O^…… Priscilla


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