Amee's First Bite!

Here's a sad story with a happy ending.........

Amee is one of the best happiest, prettiest, cutest, awesomest employees here at The Reptile Zoo and she loooooooooooooooooooooves animals!  She is even in school studying them while working here!  She does the best Jurassic Parties, gets the greatest write ups and is just a pleasure to be around all the time!

Today Amy got bit.

And eveyone here was so sad!  We all get bit all the time, so no biggie but what kind of monster would ever bite cute little Amee??????

A Savannah monitor :(

Amee was cutting the Savannah monitor's nails at the front counter when out of no where the little guy (whose name is Bozo) locked on and wasn't letting go!  Vince grabbed the savannah to keep him from twisting and ripping her skin off and supported his body until he calmed down and then Jay came to the rescue with some warm water and poured it on the savannah and he released!

Amee is doing just fine, so don't you guys all worry and she even commented to all of us that it had to happen sometime and she thanked Jay for handling it all so professionally!

Here are a few pics from the attack!

We love you Amee!~ 

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!





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