Answers to all your questions!

Hey Guys!

I finally pinned Jay down and got him to answer all of your questions from today!!!!! And believe me, that’s waaaaaaaaaaay harder to do than you could ever imagine! So here they are, enjoy!

Lance Bell

Q Because

A I don’t think because is a question, but if it is the answer is because I said so!

Kaysie Cox Q What is rounder than a ring? What is higher than the trees? What is worse than a woman's curse? What is deeper than the seas?

A Sorry Kaysie, I’m not into Celtic music, I’m a more into Contemporary Christian music. The Sandcarvers are ok I guess. 

Robin Wolf

Q how easy is it to get salmonella?

A If you eat the feces it is very easy, it is transmitted through reptile feces so if your hands are clean and you don’t put them in your mouth when they are dirty, you will be ok. Nick Moon

Q Where can I find a white phase albino or het for albino female tic that would be ready to breed next year and shipped to Kansas??

A Unfortunately you will have to keep your eyes out and search then net, check back with us in a while or email Garrett at but if you are looking for a bargain, just keep yourt eye out but buyer beware, make sure you get the right sex as 2 males will kill each other. It’s better to buy one that is not quite old enough to breed yet or else you might be buying someone else’s problem.

David Crotty

Q Jay.... Bigfoot.... whats the story mate?

A It’s really my cousin running around in the woods, don’t tell anybody, but that’s why I wear a shirt in all the videos we make.

Paul Riddell

Q Can I have a dinosaur?

A WE will not release our secret breeding projects yet, until we have them completely established.

Siavash Mirzaei

Q why cant jay buy or breed GODZILLA!!!!!! then it would be the best prehistoric place ever!!! better than 65 million years ago!

A It’s going to take us a while but we have some magical stuff going on in the back room, that’s why we live so close to the ocean, right now we are trying morph some sea monkeys.

Ren Tarango

Q I got questions but doubt id get an answer so ill leave it at that...ok ill ask one but that's all...who put the ape in apericot???

A Wow, that’s waaaaaay above my pay scale

Wayne Sullivan Rawlinson

Q Why do women go to the loo in pairs? What the hell do they talk about in there?

A They are wonder what new retic morphs I’m going to try to create next year, and what will be hot… besides me of course. ROL

Don Julian

Q Why are we here?

A To learn, to love, to breathe and to help each other . And if you get all those down, living is a pretty fun thing to do.

Oh then Jay sings a song...............

Much Love


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