Here we go again!!! 

In another miracle of snake breeding, Jay Brewer/Vella has created several new, never before seen, one of a kind original retic morph exclusive to Prehistoric Pets!

Jay has spent his lifetime creating new morphs and he has been blessed again with some amazing, never before seen morphs that are the only ones in the world!

Generations of breeding and lots of TLC were involved in creating these exciting new combos, that are named Citrine after the beautiful orangey-yellow gemstone and these snakes shine like the gems that they are, another notch in Jay's belt loop of unprecedented snake morphs!

We are very excited and Jay is walking on sunshine right now just waiting to see what color changes they are going to go through as they grow bigger and bigger and more and more beautiful!

Congrats Jay!  Keep up the good work!  The snake world appreciates you making your imagination reality!

Dream Big and Don't give up!

much love


Albino Suntripe




See the resemblance?


Plutonium Citrine


Purple Stripe


Tiger Citrine

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