Beardie, Beardies and MAS BEARDIES!!!!

Good day Herpers!!

Today we are sharing some cool fun facts and pictures all about our shop's favorite and most popular selling reptile, the Bearded Dragon!! I thought id share some facts on a few of our most commonly asked questions about our buddy Beardie's for interested future Beardie owners! Did you know that a Beardie bobbing his head rapidly and a slightly curved tail tip show aggression and circular movements of the arms like waving show submission?! These are just a few behavioral traits most seen by Beardie owners. Why are they covered in spikes some ask? Well, the main reason the dragon has a "beard" and adorned with spike like features is to act as a defense mechanism and make it appear larger and more threatening to potential enemies. Cool right?! Not as cool or as funny as this; in the wild the lizard will actually stand up on it's hind legs to run away from any danger! How does this help? Running on their hind legs puts their body farther away from the hot ground and improves airflow around them which helps them to run longer before having to stop, it is slower but it’s a form of temperature control as well. Below I included some pictures of our current Bearded Dragon selections in the store. If you're interested, stop in, there's plenty more to see!!


Baby Bearded Dragons $99.99 ea.

Adult Bearded Dragon $199.99

Fancy Bearded Dragons $119.99 ea

High Colored Bearded Dragon $149.99 ea

Translucent Bearded Dragon $249.99
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