Beauty is in the eye of the snake holder…

Beauty is in the eye of the snake holder…

Soooooooooo, I’ve been noticing that in the blog lots of pictures I post are of the same animals and I know why, it’s because they are the ones I like the most. And I’m thinking that’s not really fair to you guys, so today I’m going to try my best to focus on some of the animals that aren’t my personal favorites, and not for any particular reason, but may be your favorites. Some of the animals that I think are the prettiest or most interesting might not appeal to you, so I wanna be fair to everyone who reads and checks this thing out, and please feel free to let me know that if you want a picture of something specific I can try and do that too! Just send me a comment! BRB… here goes!


Example 1.... I dont like iguanas personally, but lots of people do, so... here ya go! An albino iguana named Sonny!

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